Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just Playing

Yesterday Mom brought me a new super-duper squeaky Santa that she got on clearance for super cheap.  Can't beat that!

She thought I might like it 'cause it was so easy to squeak.  And she was RIGHT.

Eventually, I got tired of Mom sitting there with the camera.  I was ready to play fetch and she needed to get in on the fun.  So I told her!

Sadly, the little squeak maker in Santa got loose and fell inside the toy shortly after these videos.  So he doesn't squeak anymore.  I'm going to send Mom back to the store to see if she can find a new one, though. He got me playing like I haven't played in a while!

And Mom says you can tell it's not allergy season here anymore since I was actually rolling and playing so much.  That's a good thing.  You'll note that this still doesn't stop me from being super snorty, of course.  That's just how I roll.


  1. he he - good to see you again Buttons. Wow, that's a great squeaky toy you have.

  2. Those snorts were off da scale!!! I love em...glad to see u perkier..Pasismooooooooches xx

  3. OMD - I lub U so much Buttons! U has such fun and just enjoy life! *SMOOCH* *Shih Tzu snort* :)

  4. Buttons, you can always make Ma and I smile. We love watching you play and be silly! I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. what a fun toy. What a good squeaker, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Buttons what a fun toy your mommy bought for you ! It is always fun watching you in your videos ! Tell your mom we would love to see more of them !

  7. OMC u iz too cute fur werds wif ur sqweekin n ur rollin n ur snortin.

    LUB U


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