Friday, June 22, 2012

Poor Computer

Know what Mom did?  She BROKE our computer!  And when I say broke, I mean she KILLED IT DEAD.  And it was all her fault, too, for doing stuff to it that she shouldn't have done.

And the worst part is that she probably lost all of her pictures of ME that she stored on there over the last year!  This is just tragic...

For example, here would be a picture of me snoozing on my car seat on our way to Grandma's house earlier this month:

And this adorable picture was me giving Mom the stink eye on that same trip:

And here I am super duper excited because we were finally back home from the trip:

Guess you'll have to use your imagination for the pictures.  *sighs*

Rest in peace, poor computer.


  1. That is soooooo sad.

    But in my head those pictures are beautiful!

    Love and licks, Winnie

  2. Oh noooooo. M said she could just cry for your mom. How sad to lose all your pictures. Maybe some place that fixeds puters can manage to recapture some things. Does she use a back=up system? If not, she should consider something next time around. That's so sad. Poor mom.,

  3. One good thing is that Blogger stores all the old pictures that were on the blog so she has some. Nowadays, computer people can retrieve stuff they couldn't years ago. Good luck!

  4. Jan has been known to break and lose a lot of things, including our computer. Humans! But don't make her feel too bad. You want her to keep helping you blog after she bandages the computer and does emergency surgery to recover your pix.

  5. Oh no!! But you'll have a lot of photos stored on the blog at least... tell your human she should start using something like Flikr or Photobucket to store photos - so good for times like this!

  6. Buttons! Did you bleach your furs? I cannot see you. I will just has to sniff the monitor then until you mom gets a new pooter.

  7. I better get mom busy backing up our pictures! We've had a few computers die over the last couple of years.

    I hope you get a new one soon and your mom finds a way to retrieve the pictures. If the drive is still good and something else is what broke, she'll be able to get the pictures for sure.


  8. Oh my, wot a terrible sityooayshun Buttons. I do ope it be fixed soon ad we can see you again.


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