Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update on the Bed Rules

Mom announced that my new fishy from our neighbor is NOT allowed in bed because it's made of latex and Mom says it's too flat and too squeaky and too loud. (Is that supposed to be a bad thing?!)

I just don't understand why Mom doesn't like rolling over on loud squeakies in the middle of the night. I love those squeaky sounds!

So I was bummed that I wasn't allowed to take the fishy to bed. But, I did get some good news, too. We had sushi delivered this weekend and Mom told me that the sushi was OK to sleep with! Woo hoo!

It's plush, squeaky sushi, of course.

My friend Smokey had a contest on Twitter one night and he gave away lots of prizes. I won one...and it was a doggie toy! So, that's where the squeaky sushi came from. Smokey bought it on NipAndBones.com and sent it to me for my contest prize. Isn't that cool?! Thanks, Smokey!

At least I can play with the sushi in bed at night.

(Please pay no attention to that mangled, de-stuffed toy in the last picture. I have no idea how that happened...)


  1. Those stuffies is prone to spontaneously combustshuns. That be your story,k?

  2. I'm still thinking your mom needs her own bed!


  3. yah!! who wouldnt ike to sleep on a squeaky stuffie?? Moms can really be boring sometimes!! BOL

    Jazzi and Addy

  4. Buttons, Rumblemum was using you as an example of a puppy she would love to steal and bring here for cuddles. You might want to be careful she doesn't sneak in and doggie-nap you.

  5. Rumblemum and M have the same taste cuz M would like to doggy nap you too Buttons.

  6. Buttons, I am so digging those sushi toys! Thank doggness they are allowed in the bed, just in case you need a little 'toy snack' in the middle of the night! *whispers* If I were you, I would find a way to sneak that squeakie fish into bed as well.

  7. You have really cool toys. Sometimes I try to bring my bone to bed to chew on but that doesn't last long! I guess I chew too loud....

  8. MOL hehe me and momma luvs da comments...okay okay now on to your post here.

    Thank goodness Smokey sent you dem Sushi so you can has squeaky toys in bed wif you. One must always has access to good toys! We is so happy to hear you luvs dem and your mom & auntie too! Meowwwoof

  9. Rules? You have rules? BOL BOL
    Squeaky sushi looks so good..... *drools*

    Thanks for the Button Hug! :o)


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