Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trip to the Dog Park

Tonight Mom surprised me with a trip to the dog park. Neither of us had ever been there before.

So we loaded up in the car and headed out.

It wasn't a long ride...but I still had to snooze.

When we got to the dog park, I checked things out through the fence.

That dog park is a really, really big place! Mom said that it's still under construction, too, and we were only in one little part of it.

Mom's friend invited us to join them at the park tonight. Her friend's doggy is named Miko. He's HUUUUGE and he's still only a puppy.

Here's Miko playing with another doggy named Otto.

I somehow managed to get on the wrong side of the gate when Mom went through it. I was stuck.

"Help me...."

Mom finally stopped taking pictures and opened the gate the rest of the way for me to come in. I wasn't too happy with her.

I was a little shy and a little scared because the dog park was such a big place and it was all new to me. There were lots of dogs there, too, and I hadn't met them before. I spent most of the time at the park sitting under Mom's chair.

And I drooled.

I drooled a LOT. Mom's never seen me do that before. Freaked her out a little. I couldn't help it, though...I was scared!

Oh -- I hid under this bench for a while, too, when Mom was sitting on it.

When we got home from the dog park, I hid under my doggie bed for a little bit.

I chewed on a rawhide bone under there, too.

That dog park wore me out.


  1. Wow Buttons, that do be an impressive amount of drool for a little gurl like you! I hate to point this out but if'n you did not wake your mom up in the wee hours of the morning, you would not needs to nap in the car. Just woofin'.

  2. I'm khwite taken with two of your furiends!

    I wonder why that is?

    Sorry woo were a bit unsettled by the trip to the park -


  3. I don't think I would like the dog park either. I seem outgoing, but only with people. I'm not really a fan of other dogs in person. Or "in dog" I guess it would be.

  4. lucky you! I wish there was a dog park where I live!

  5. I bet for a little dog all those dogs running around would be really scary, just like the cats are scared of me because I'm big and jump around a lot. As soon as you make some friends, it will be okay I think.

  6. Oh Buttons that dog park wuld skarded me too! Some of those doggies iz lots bigger than you iz *softpaw* I think your bed iz a good place to hide.

  7. Awww, Buttons, I feel so bad that you were so scared and even hid under your bed after you got home. I guess the dog park isn't for everyone. I send you a gentle nosetap.

  8. McDroolaCutty! U R soooo funny! Maybe da doggie park is 2 big for U. I like it but it fweaks out Spike. We just go to da widdle doggie park now & he betta.


  9. Oh Button, looked like you were so nervous that you drooled! I hope the second trip to the dog park would be a much pleasant one for you. Your dog park is much bigger than my dog park in Dallas.

  10. Oh dear - poor Buttons. Sounds like it was a scary experience when it was meant to be a fun one for you. Maybe it will go better next time - or many forget dat park completely. Good try Mom!

  11. Dahlin Dearest Buttons,
    we can understand how scary it must have been for you....that biiiig open place seems intimidating at first but we are sure you will grow to love your special park.
    hope you didn't get bad dreams as well and are fully recovered and back to being busy!
    Gin n bud

  12. Poor Buttons....first time is always hard. I was scared too when we went to dog park for the first time!
    Your dog park is huge! Our dog parks are sectioned for small dogs and big dogs. you'll be ok once they complete the sections I hope. *woof*

  13. Wow that some major drooling you got going on. Sorry to hear your were scared. Looks like a fun place.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  14. Ohh, you are so brave my sweet little friend! Don't feel bad, we both get really scared outside our apartment too.