Monday, June 7, 2010

Toy Review: Giant Squirrel

If you've read my blog for any length of time, then I'm sure you know that I have an addiction to squeaky toys. I love squeaky toys. I live for squeaky toys. I obsess over squeaky toys. Squeaky toys are my favorite things in the entire world.

The only problem with my addiction (besides Mom tripping over my toys all the time, of course), is the fact that toys cost money. Mom says I'm going to have to get a job to fund my toy "problem."

Well after much thought, I've determined the perfect line of work for me. Restaurants and movies have people review them, right? So why not toys? That's right...I'm going to be a professional dog toy reviewer!

And so now for your reading pleasure, and so that I can practice my skills, here's my very first Dog Toy Review...

Toy Review: Giant Squirrel

Isn't that a huge squirrel toy? It's actually called "Kyjen Real Animal Long Body Squeaker Mat - Squirrel" and it's for sale over at I think "Giant Squirrel" fits, though. It's HUGE!

This squirrel has TWELVE squeakers in the body and a loud grunter in the tail. (Mom says the grunter is REALLY loud.) If you know me, you know I'm all about "loud."

I pulled the giant squirrel out of the box and took off with it before Mom could even take the tags off. It was a huge hit, right from the start.

I love the squeakers, of course, but my favorite part about the Giant Squirrel is its fur. I love to pluck fur!

Mom says I've already plucked enough fur off of the squirrel to make an entire new toy. Ta dah!

Here's some of my plucking action via video. The video stops kinda abruptly 'cause Mom had to pull squirrel fur out of my mouth before I swallowed it.

This Giant Squirrel is even easy to pluck at upside-down.

With all of those squeakers and the grunter, too, it's also a great toy to squeak by rolling on it.

And it rates high for its "pillow" quality for napping...

So overall I have to say that the Giant Squirrel is off the charts when it comes to pluckability and squeaking. It's great for playing fetch with, too, even though it's a little big for me.

The downsides? Not many! I did manage to pluck hard enough to rip open the side of the squirrel. Mom says she can fix it, though. And I did break the grunter in the tail already. Mom says she will not fix that...without getting earplugs first, at least...

The Official Buttons Rating: Four Paws ('cause I only have four)

(So do you think I'll make a good Dog Toy Reviewer?)


  1. Bravo! Bravo! You make a grate toy reveeoower! (MOM! COME HERE! Can I has a giant skwerrel please????)

  2. OMC u iz gonna makes a fantastik toy reviewers.

    Companies far n wide will starts sending u toys to review!

  3. What a wonderful review. If I was a dog, I'd be all over that squirrel.

  4. I'm a review reviewer, and I give this 4 paws!

  5. Holy Guacamole! Dat squirrely is as big as you!! Nice review, I likey!!!

  6. I love to pluck my sparkle balls, but I gotta say I'd much rather pluck a squirrel. Dogs get all the good toys. Yes, you make a great reviewer, Buttons. You've found your life's calling!

  7. It looks pretty flat - any stuffins in there? (Mom won't buy me any toys with much stuffins) That squirrel looks fun and that's lots of speakers. Mom is getting even with me for eating my toys and destroying the squeakers. She now rescues the squeakers before I kill them and now she has 3 that she will just start squeaking at me to drive me crazy.

  8. Hi BUttons
    I think you make an excellent toy tester. You really gave this one a good work out huh?? and TONS of squeakers??? Thats the best, I love squeakers too. Good job!!


  9. Hi Buttons,

    that is a pretty good job to have.....are they hiring anymore dogs?

    Paws and Licks

  10. That squirrel is as big as you my friend!! and you still mastered it, well done!!!

  11. Hello there,

    I received your words and support from Autumn's blog. Thank You so much for dropping by and I will update you about Jasmine when she gets better =D

    Love you lots,
    Autumn & Jasmine's Mom

  12. Yippie - you finaly did it. Became a toy tested. You'll be in HOT demand for work too cuz you are purrrfect for the job.

  13. OMD that squirrel is almost as big as you! Great review!!