Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy for Me...Mail for Mom

Mom brought home a squeaky brown bear for me last night! He's really super squeaky, so I had a ball.

I played so much that I wore myself out and had to nap with my new bear.

Then it was back to playing like crazy. I was so excited about that bear that I didn't even realize I got a package in the mail!

Mom went ahead and opened it for me. It was a prize from Frugal Dougal that I won at the DudeFest party. And the prize was actually one for Mom, so it didn't matter that I was playing too much to pay attention.

See what Dougal sent? It's a cool organizer to put on our door nob! (Yes, that's my booty in the picture. I was still playing nearby and shifted just when Mom took the picture. Ta dah! Booty in the picture...)

Mom was excited 'cause she's always afraid she's going to forget her cell phone at home when she leaves. The organizer says "Do Not Forget!" on it, so that's perfect for Mom.

Here's what I was doing while she was checking out the prize.

She put it on the door and put her phone in it.

By that time, I had played so much that I was ready for another nap with my bear.

Thanks for the cool prize, Frugal Dougal! Mom loves it.


  1. Hi buddy, wow you really love dos toys! Luv watching youplay!

  2. That is a furry khool prize!

    As fur woo, have woo khounted your toys lately!?!


  3. Did I gib you mom the ideer of getting you a bear from the real one I seened the udder day? My mom shore do be needing one of those do not furget thingies.

  4. Woof! Woof! How FUN is that. I did subscribe to your YoutTube. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. That's a really cool prize your mom got. My dad could use one of those!

    You sure were havin' fun with your new bear!

  6. That is a good idea for the phone - your mom is lucky. When mom leaves for work and forgets her phone she screams upstairs for dad to take it down for her. So I guess dad could use that neat phone thing. I loved your squeaky bear. Mom played the video and I looked all over for the squeaky toy.

  7. Happy Father's Day!
    What a cool door reminder.
    I want a squeaky bear like yours after I watched the video!
    Life is good, right?
    Play and eat and nap!