Monday, June 21, 2010

Purple Piggy in the Hydrant

Got a new purple piggy toy in the mail today! Mom ordered it for me from She had trouble getting a picture of me with it 'cause I was carrying it around with most of the pig in my mouth. Just a leg or two would stick out. I did put it down when I went to get some supper, though. See my purple piggy in this picture? It's right there in front of the green duck.

When I was playing with my new piggy tonight, I had a moment of brilliance. Out of the blue I came up with a great idea. And I mean a GREAT idea. Here's the moment it came to me -- can't believe Mom caught it on video!

See what I did? I started playing with my piggy INSIDE my fire hydrant! That fire hydrant is supposed to be a toy box, but the echo in there is awesome. So I just stuck my head inside with the toy box and squeaked and squeaked and squeaked that piggy!

Wasn't that brilliant?! I've never done that before, but it's definitely going to be added to my playtime repertoire.

Of course I did some of this tonight, too...

Had to do it "old school" even with my brilliant new play spot!


  1. You ARE busy aren't you! And creative too! Have fun playing, my friend!

  2. BOL!!! I lub U stuck UR head in da hyrdrant!! U such a sweetie pie!

  3. can't believe your mom caught it on video!!! Thank dog she did! BOL BOL
    we're loving them so much!!!

  4. What a cool toy Buttons! I like how you played with the toy in the hydrant. That is too smart and cool!

    Paws and Licks

  5. Squeaky piggy squeaky piggy squeaky piggy! MOL hehehe

    I luvs it how you stuck your head in the fire hydrant and it must be much funs to rolls on your squeaky toys!

    Thanks you for sharing da cute videos of you my furriend, glad you luvs your purple piggy!

  6. BOL! I could see you laying in your bed looking around wif the wheels in your brane cranking like "where can I go to make the squeakies lowder?" You shore did find the rite spot - the squeakie amplifikashun tunnel!