Thursday, June 10, 2010

Party Prizes

Yes, that's right...the mailman brought me more stuff!

But before I tell you about that, I've gotta tell you about two other prizes that I won at recent Twitter parties...

At the May PawPawty I won a donation in my name to the party charity. Isn't that cool? The charity was the North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue. Smokey donated the prize, so when I won the quiz, he made a donation in my honor to help those doggies.

And then at the DudeFest party that was just last weekend I won another donation in my name! The charities that benefited from that party were The Hounslow Animal Welfare Society and Kaninchenrettung. So when I won THAT quiz, my friend Mario made a donation in my name.

Aren't those awesome prizes? We helped out all of those other animals and shelters! Very cool in my opinion.

At the May PawPawty I also won a gift certificate to Smokey donated that prize, too! (Smokey rocks!) So I ordered myself some TOYS and some COOKIES. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, though. He he he!

I ordered myself this squeaky starfish toy.

It was SO much fun to roll on!

Oh...I suppose that wasn't very ladylike. Here's a more appropriate pose:

I also ordered a cool pink squeaky turtle toy.

Mom and I decided that the turtle toy would go on my seat in the car so that I can play with it on trips. Now I can't wait to go someplace!

Thanks for the cool prizes, Smokey and Mario!


  1. It was my pleasure donating da pwice. So glad u bot some nice toys for urself! Purrs.

    Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter

  2. Woo have khwite the khollekhtion going!

    How khool about the pawnation too!

    During these tough times, I'm sure that is furry furry appreciated!


  3. heeheehee!!! You look so serious while you're waiting for the box to be opened, then you're just in heaven! My little pal, you're just so cute and funny.

  4. he he - more toys! I can't think of a better friend to win dem beause you will certainly enjoy them.

  5. That pikshur wif yous legs in the air is kwite shocking. You do be cutting loose over there in Illinoys.

  6. That first piccie is adorable—well they all are but that one caught the woman's attention. Glad you got more toys. And yes, I sometimes hide toys in my tunnel. Smokey & Mario are good friends.

  7. I love Nip and Bones! You got some great new toys. I'm so surpirsed there are actually toys out there that you don't have! I'm crackin' up on the non-ladylike pic!

  8. WOWZER! MORE mail! You are so lucky! Have a fun filled weekend! Enjoy!

  9. Pawsome! MOL hehehe I luvs da non-ladylike poses, you has to gets your squeaky on right?!

    Thanks you for a wonderfur post and congrats on your pwizes and donations!


  10. wow buttons, what cool toys you have! I am jealous!

    Paws and Licks

  11. Aw Buttons, the fades you make in your photos makes me & momma just laugh and laugh! We lub UR non-lady like pose, it's very avant-gardd... put chore legs in da air like U just don't care! p.s. was U wearin a thong?

  12. Love the starfish, Buttons!

    Happy blog hop ,

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Hey buttons!Congratulations on your win.
    we just love your toys. infact mummy played that video of u rolling all over the toy and the squeaks made us look all over for the source. we ran to the door, looked under the table and bed and finally realised it was you making those sqeeeeeeks!
    Bud n gin