Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surprise Present in the Mail

I got a package in the mail today. Wasn't expecting anything, either, so this was a complete surprise.

My friend Cricket from Twitter sent me a surprise present, just out of the blue. How cool is that?! Want to know something even cooler? She sent me a squeaky monkey toy!

In typical Buttons fashion, I stole the toy before Mom could even take the packaging off.

And then I battled with Mom about whether or not she was going to take the toy from me to cut the package off.

I finally let her, of course. And when I got the monkey back, I went to town. Mom and I played fetch with my new monkey, and of course I tried to pluck it, too. But the monkey doesn't really have fur to pluck, so I just tried to pull its arm off...

And you know that I had to roll on it, too!

Thanks for the cool new toy, Cricket!


  1. Cool Buttons. I'm happy you found something to pluck, even if it was the arm. he he Poor monkey.

  2. I'd say that toy is a hit!! What a sweet friend you have!!

  3. Monkey toys is my fave and you gotted a very kewl one!

  4. I like your new monkey! You sure get lots of mail!

  5. Concatulations on your new toy. Everytime we get a box it's for the peeps. Sigh.