Monday, June 14, 2010

Where to Wipe Your Itchy Eyes

Here's a little tip for you...

If you have itchy, goopy eyes because of your allergies, and you need a spot to itch them or wipe the goop off, try your mom's pants leg.

I do that ALL the time. When Mom looks down at me or tries to get after me for wiping my eye boogies on her pants, I just look away and pretend I wasn't doing anything. Works like a charm!


  1. Mom's pants legs is also good if'n you just had noms and gotted noms on your lips and/or chin wot you needs to wipey off. You see, we is being earth furrendly coz we does not need Kleenex or napkins wot kills trees. Mom's pants werk just fine and they can be washed and used over and over again. Nice tip, Buttons!

  2. Buttons! Thanks for the info!

    Paws and Licks

  3. Iz thawt it wuz just a lil luv rubbing, heehee

  4. Oh poor Buttons. Allergies are so awful.

  5. So pants legs DO serve a purpose. I see them as a distraction so I can't nom down on the peeps bare legs. Yum, salty like big pretzels.