Friday, June 25, 2010

Souvenirs from Chicago

Mom went to Chicago last weekend. I got to stay with my friend Molly and her kitty while Mom was gone.

Anyway, tonight Mom gave me a couple of souvenirs she got for me on her trip. (She missed me, of course!) She got me a cool new doggie bed and a squeaky chicken. It's a LOUD squeaky chicken, too, and I think Mom might already be regretting her purchase. He he he!

Here's my new doggie bed. You can never have enough beds!

Mom laughed at me 'cause I started to pull, tug, and pluck my doggie bed just like I do with my toys. I even tried to roll on it, but I sorta missed the bed. I was just testing it out, of course!

Here's what my new chicky toy looks like:

It's pretty cool. I decided to play with the new chicky toy inside my new doggie bed. (Brilliant idea!)

You know that I had to roll on the new chicky in my old doggie bed, too. That's a must.

Oh, ooops! Should have used the ladylike pose...

I missed Mom while she was gone on her trip, but I really like the new toy and the new bed. Maybe I should convince her to go on trips more often...


  1. You really got great presents from your mom when she was on her mini vacation. I'm wondering how much of the bed is left now!

  2. Your posing is just wonderful, Buttons!!!

  3. You duz haz teh mostest toyz of anydog I know! That bad you iz nommin on looks rilly cozy *purr*

  4. Puppy... my mummy is so in love with you, I think we're gonna not let her near your blog any more or we'll end up with a puppy in our house too!

  5.'re so lucky you got gifts from your mom after she was away. Simba has a bed like your new cat bed except his is a lighter color. He loves it in the winter. He never leaves it!

  6. You have as much fun with a doggy bed as any toy! I think you were eating the floof off it!

  7. OMD! Afore you know it you is going to be needing to do a bed inventory too. That bed do be looking very comfy. And yes, the chickun do be very lowd, BOL.