Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where Do I Nite-Nite at Bedtime?

I've got a lot of doggie beds. (I'll admit that I'm a little spoiled now.) Want to see which one I go nite-nite in at bedtime?

My round bed came from my foster home in New Jersey. Shawnee's mom -- my foster mom -- knew how much I loved it, so she let me have it when I got adopted. Wasn't that nice of her?

Sometimes I nap in this bed, like a sushi roll.

But I usually play with this bed instead of sleeping in it.

Sometimes I even flip it upside-down and sit on it that way.

My round bed is super cool...but I don't go nite-nite in it at bedtime.

Then there's my big brown bed in the living room. Mom got this one for me.

Sometimes I nap on it...

But usually I just play on it (and with it).

I don't go nite-nite on my brown bed at bedtime.

Next, there's my tan bed. It came from the last people that I lived with, before I went back to my foster family. We keep this bed in the bedroom, and I just nap in there sometimes. Don't really play in it very often.

I don't usually nite-nite in the tan bed at bedtime, either.

Sometimes I nap on the couch...

And on the arm/back of the couch...

But that's usually just while Mom's at work. I don't nite-nite on the couch at bedtime.

So where DO I go nite-nite at bedtime...?

Ta dah!

That's right...I nite-nite on Mom's bed. I decided a while back that Mom's bed was way too big for her to have the whole thing. So, I insisted that she let me sleep up there, too.

You'll note in this picture that I make sure my tushy is in the very middle of the bed. I try to take up as much room as possible, even if I am a little doggie. (Sorry about that yawn -- Mom took the picture when I was trying to wake up. How rude!)

It's nice to have Mom so trained that she gives up most of her bed for me.'s the good life...


  1. I think woo have almost as many beds as woo do toys!


  2. I do the same thing in my mamma's bed.

    You look so cute with your different beds. I love how you play with them too. I've never tried that. I love that third picture, LOL! It was fun to see all your beds, Buttons!

  3. BOL! I insisted on sleeping in the bed from Day 1 and have slept in it every night since! Now I have a whole side all to myself...hehehe.

  4. You are so cute in your sushi roll!

  5. Isn't bed sleepin wif ur peeple da bestest!?!?!

  6. As I always say, iz nice for us anipals to has opshuns. And you has lots of opshuns!

  7. Aren't we all supposed to sleep in the oomans bed and take up all the room? Dat's what I do and thought I was supposed to!! he he

  8. BOL!! I gots lots of beds too, but I sleep wif momma & dads in der bed! Oh, how nice, just all squishy in between em - I roll from side to side and gib dem kisses, snort on dem & rub my head in to der arms! So much fun!

  9. I like to sleep on my momma bed too! And I lay my head on her leg and sleep there all night!

    Paws and Licks

  10. You have a lot of comfy spots to choose from, Buttons! I don't blame you for sleeping on the bed at night, though. It is nice of you to share it with your momma.

  11. I thought it was only us cats who made sure we laid exactly in the center of the bed but you proved me wrong. I sleep on the other pillow on the woman's bed right next to her head. She claims I snore sometimes but I don't. BTW, LOVE the pic of you on the arm of the couch.

  12. I sleep with mom and dad too. They are big people and I am a big doggie so sometimes things go awry. Like if one of them gets up to go the bathroom, they might not have a place when they come back. Very cozy!