Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Prize

I won two prizes at the Blog Party. I got the goody bag from I Love Dogs, and I also won a calendar from Amazon Cares. Cool, huh?

So...that means I got more mail!

Mom was taking too many pictures when she should have been opening my mail. So, I was forced to bark at her.

The calendar was wrapped up in pretty green paper. Mom was STILL taking too many pictures, though, and not opening the paper, so I had to bark some more.

OK, so maybe I just got on a roll with the barking... Mom finally opened the calendar up, but I just kept barking at her. Yes, I'm ornery.

Thanks for the cool calendar, Amazon Cares!


  1. But you has a mighty purty haircut even if'n you has a lowd mouf, BOL!

  2. MORE mail! I don't know about you....I bet the mail person has a path worn down going to your door! Great presents!

  3. MOL hehehe You says where is my squeaky fishy toy momma! *snickers*