Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creative Dog Bed Usage

Tonight I decided to get creative with my big doggie bed.

I burrowed underneath the bed and played with a squeaky for a while. Sorta used the bed like a hat. The squeakies are amplified that way, too. That was fun.

Then I decided to see what Mom was up to across the room. (I heard her over there laughing at something...she claimed she was laughing at me 'cause I was playing under the bed...)

I thought she looked lonely over by the couch, so I tugged and pulled and finally moved the big doggie bed over there by her. That was a big job, too, 'cause that's a big bed.

Couldn't decide which side of the doggie bed to lay on, either, 'cause I'd just been playing underneath it. So, I napped half-under and half-on-top-of the doggie bed.

This is the view that Mom had to look at while she puttered on our computer.

I think I might leave my bed over there. Mom has trouble resisting my cuteness, and I get a whole lot of extra pets and scratches when I'm nearby...


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh you have the Rumblemummy laughing her head off, she thinks you are the cutest little pup she's ever seen!

  2. You are too too cute. M was at a friends house recently and their doggie liked to pull out the stuffing from his bed. She thought of you and your pulling all the fur off stuffed anipals.

  3. You are SOOOO cute! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Awwwwwwwww, I do dat too! I luvs to get under my beds, momma has pics of me doing it too MOL hehehe

    You so CUTE!

  5. Oh yes, Buttons, if you were here, Mama woudn't be able to keep her hands off of you. She thinks you are so cute and funny. I just love what you did with your bed! I hope you and your mom have a great weekend!

  6. DOG!u can't get any cuter than that. good job too button for finding out the trick to amplify the squeakies

    wags, bud n gin