Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Surprise Presents!

Have I told you that my buddy Boris is just the best kitty ever?! He knew about my story back when I was living in my foster home, and now sometimes he helps my new Mom spoil me rotten. (Mom says she's spoiling me extra to help make up for the bad stuff I had to go through.)

Anyway, guess what I got today...

"This box smells like my buddy Boris!"

Yep...it was a surprise present from Boris! Mom opened it, and I dove right in. (Boris always sends me totally cool stuff!)

In this package, Boris sent me TWO new squeaky toys! They're emoticon toys, like what you use online if you want to use a smiley face thingy. Anyway, one toy is an angel and the other one is a devil. Mom says that's totally appropriate for me and my personality. I'm sweet, but I'm sure ornery!

I took off with the toys before Mom could even take the tags off of them. We had a little disagreement about whether or not she was going to get to do that at all. I finally let her, though.

And I sure played and played!

The halo on the angel is fun to tug on. And the devil's horns are the perfect size for chewing. And of course they're both super squeaky!

Mom and I played fetch for a while, too.

That's when I realized that Boris sent me some COOKIES in the box, too! Mom opened a package while I was playing...and boy did they smell yummy.

I think those cookies are some of my favorites ever. I barked and barked at Mom 'cause I liked them so much. I ended up convincing her to give me an entire bag of them. Don't worry -- they're sample-size bags, so there were only four cookies in the bag. But Mom says that's still way too many for a doggie my size. Phooey. I love 'em!

I still wanted more cookies, so I gave Mom my cutest "give me more treats" face...

No luck. Seriously, how on earth could she resist this?!

Eventually, I had to give up. I did still have new toys to play with after all. I played so much, that I had to actually take a nap.

So super-duper big thanks to my buddy Boris for being so sweet to me. You're the best!


  1. I iz so glad u doz likes dem toys! u looks beary beary cute sleepin wif dat debil MOL.

    *whispers* dunt tells ur mom but I nose where der iz more noms.

  2. Woo surely have khwite the toy khollekhtion!

    Woo always look so furry happy with all of them!


  3. Boris sented me stuffs too wot I shall reveal after this weekend coz I has to use part of it for hiking. But all I has to say is you is so lucky you does not has the boy living with you. I comed home from my trip to find Boris' box ripped open and my stuff sticking out the top. The horror! Mom gotted on the boy's case about it and he sayed "Well, it was addressed to Shawnee so I thought it was OK to open it." NOT! Bad boy! Bad nosy boy! Now he is all worried that I is going to rat him out in my bloggie. Oh, you betcha! Anyways, kewl stuffs you gotted from Boris!

  4. MORE! You are very lucky! Enjoy!

  5. You deserve all the toys and noms you can get!

  6. It's pretty hard not to spoil you cuz you are so adorable. One look with those eyes and you've got everyone right under your paw.

  7. Awwww...Buttons, your mom is so good to you. Yes, you have a cute face and I would find it hard to resist giving in. You got some great toys. One thing about you is that you never take your stuff for granted!

  8. Awwwwwwww how could anyone resists you sweet Buttons!! Your momma would has surely given you more treats if she had em.