Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is My Tongue Too Big?

Mom took me to the vet on Monday 'cause of my allergy problems. You know what he said during my exam? He said that he was surprised I could fit my big tongue inside my little mouth! And my Mom had the audacity to agree with him. How rude!

So here are a few pictures of my tongue. What do YOU think?

After a terrifying bath...

Not necessarily a good tongue picture, but Mom thinks this is cute...

And I saved the best for last...crazy eyes and a crazy tongue!

I think my tongue is just perfect... And if you don't agree with me, then I might just have to stick it out at you!


  1. Hi Buttons!

    I had to go the VET today because I have allergies too! : ( By the way, you have won the Versatile blogger award. Check it out at my blog!

    Paws and Licks

  2. Buttons, I think all of you is perfect. Who cares about that darned vet anyway? I had fun looking at all your pictures. My all time fave is what I call your centerfold picture on your brown bed.

  3. Of course your tung is perfekt. Iz just that you look like you is plugged in on that last pikshur, BOL!

  4. We think you need a kitty sibling to wash with that wonderful tongue!

  5. You iz cutes an I luvs yer tungue, its good that you can stuff it all inside yer mouth sumtimes tho or you cud trips over it! MOL just kiddin cutie pants!

  6. Tongue too long? Pshaaaa, it's poifect size! It helps U get stuff out of Kongs and gib U momma big kisses! Plus, look how cute U iz! I lub da Puperoni pic, dats soooo sweet!

  7. Oh Buttons - dat is the cutest tongue I've ever seen, even tho it might be a tad large for you. I bet it gives your ooman nice sloppy wet kisses too.

  8. You are perfect in every way, my friend!

  9. Nah! Its da purrfect size my furriend! It makes you even cuter!

    Did you gets your fishy and treats?


  10. Can't think! Too cute!


  11. Maybe they should do a scientific study to see if large tongues result in extra cute doggies because you sure are the proof of that! Yoda smooches to you! (and if you ever saw my tongue coming at you, you might think mine was too big too!)