Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The SpotBot Pet

Last month I entered a contest on Frugal Dougal's blog. The prize was a Bissell SpotBot Pet. All you needed to do to enter the contest was to comment on the post and say why you'd like to win it. So here's what I wrote for my entry...

I have doggie allergies
And thus a lot of snot.
I wipe it on the carpet,
And Mom gets all distraught!

I also love my squeakies...
Toys get slobbery, you know.
So there's slime on the carpet
And even more with each throw!

And let's not forget my habit
Of dumping over the trash.
The floor gets even more messy
With each garbage crash!

So the SpotBot could help Mom
as she tries to keep up with me.
I'm a very busy Buttons,
As Mom will sure agree!

Guess what...I won! That's right. I won the SpotBot Pet!

It came in the mail this week and Mom was really excited about it. This thing is bigger than I am! I gave it a really good sniff.

Mom was really excited about the SpotBot, but she didn't have anything to clean up. So, being the really nice and thoughtful doggie that I am, I decided to help her out. I puked on the living room carpet today while Mom was at work. She was very surprised when she came home!

I sort of posed by my masterpiece. Mom thought we should "censor" the picture, though, so we didn't get anyone else sicky from looking at it.

So tonight we got out the SpotBot and we put it to work! Here's an action shot of it working on that pukey spot.

I supervised the cleaning.

Ta dah! No more pukey spot on our carpet! (Just a little damp spot left...)

Mom says that the SpotBot cleaned the spot so well that we might have to SpotBot the entire living room now. That puke spot is so clean that it's making the rest of the carpet look dirty!

Anyway, Mom and I sure had fun tonight with our new SpotBot Pet. Thanks, Bissell!


  1. Ha!

    We know THAT!

    Shortly after I moved in here, I had too much fun at the bird feeder and ate all the bread Mom had put out fur the birdies -

    WELL, suffice it to say, it kind of went through me - Mom got a Spotbot at TarJay and loves it!

    We've even lent it to my SibeStas fur assorted 'issues'

    Khongrats on your win!


  2. geez how thoughtful...BOL BOL
    Congrats! We love your poem!
    *high paw*

  3. WOW!! And what a good pup you are for helping her test it!!

  4. Buttons, dat was a great poem dat you wrote. I'm happy you won the contest.

  5. Congrats! You really deserved to win with that clever, funny poem! Mama wishes she had one of those to clean up our pukes.

  6. WOW Buttons
    That was a nice entry and your mom is talented, and you won!! YAY!!! now she wont mind cleaning up after you huh??

    Hey I have a bee toy just like yours, cool huh??


  7. Wow, that do be like magics cleaning up the barfs like that!

  8. Yay! Momma needs one of dem MOL hehehe