Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goody Bag

At the Blog Pawty a couple of weeks ago, I won a goody bag from I Love Dogs!

So lookie what the mailman brought me the other day...

It was definitely my goody bag! They even put the goodies INSIDE a bag. Very cool!

And just look at all of this loot. There's a shopping bag and tennis balls and Frisbees and magnets and a pen and vitamin samples and a leash and so much other stuff!

Those red things are luggage tags. Mom thought they were really cool. I'm gonna hide them, though. She doesn't need luggage, 'cause that would mean that she might be going someplace. Personally, I think she needs to stay right here with me.

Thanks for all of the cool stuff, I Love Dogs! I love all of it. Well, except maybe for the luggage tags that Mom's excited about...


  1. Oh little puppy, the look on your face in the last photo makes us wanna send you toys EVERY day...

    How goes your quest to get a kitty cat friend?

  2. Wow Button - you hit the jackpot with dat package.

  3. Button
    what a cool package and the things are my moms favorite color!!! You have nice friends there and hey!! hide the luggage tags ok?


  4. Great package! You sure get a lot of mail! Lucky!

  5. Great loot, Buttons! I'm jealous cuz you get waaaay more mail than I do, which isn't difficult since I get mail about twice a year. Your pink toy looked fun but maybe it was good that it got tossed out. I personally love the color but it's probably not good that it got on your furs.

  6. i seed frisbees....u gonna lerns da ways of da disc doggies?

  7. I luggage tags needed here eithers! MOL hehehe

    Pawsome loot dere my furriend, concats!

  8. So glad you enjoyed the goodie bag Buttons! We love making tails wag. =D But no need to fear the cute i Love Dogs luggage tags, tell your mommy to go to WWW.DFE.US and she'll find plenty of dog-friendly places wherever she travels. You know what that means, right? Your humom has to bring you along! If you can't bark at 'em, join 'em! ;) *nuzzles and wags*

  9. yummm yummm buttons! can I have some?

    Paws and Licks

  10. ooooh goody bag! How cool :o)
    Don't worry, she won't go anywhere with you. By the way...CONGRATS on winning Bissell competition!!!!!!! I didn't know you were such a poet! Loved the poem!!!

  11. Did you hear wot Lou said up there? He sayed not to worry coz your mom won't go anywheres WITH you, BOL! Silly Lou! I think he meanted you mom will not go anywheres WITHOUT you! And if'n she does, then we reposess you, k?