Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stupid Allergies

I have bad allergies, so I take medicine all the time for them. Since pollen counts are high right now, my allergies are even worse than usual. Mom took me to our vet and he said to give me another medicine, too. And then the vet had the nerve to tell Mom to use...medicated shampoo! How horrible is that? You know what shampoo means...BATHS.

Mom didn't want to torture me...but I've been itching more and more, even with two medicines, so Mom decided that we needed to try out that medicated shampoo today. Ugh. The first thing she did was shut the bedroom door so that I wouldn't catch on to what was coming and go hide under the bed. That woman knows me so well!

Mom started running the bath water and I tried to hide under the kitchen table since I couldn't go hide under the bed. I was an easy target there, though, so the inevitable happened...

I hate baths, even with my duckies in there.

I tried to escape several times. Even made it out of the tub once when Mom was putting more water in there. Mom was not amused with my shenanigans.

Mom diluted the medicated shampoo, just like the vet said, but she thinks maybe she diluted it too much 'cause she didn't get any lather. Then she made me stay in that stupid tub for 5 whole minutes with the shampoo on me. UGH! She gave up at that point -- my escape attempts were driving her nuts. She said that I'm supposed to keep the shampoo on for 10 minutes, not 5. That ain't happening!

When the torture was finally over, Mom wrapped me up in a towel like she always does. Then she holds me like a people baby and dries off my belly.

Pathetic, isn't it?

At least there was a bright spot to the horrific ordeal...I got a Greenie!

You'll note that I'm still pretty wet in that picture. Mom says I smell like poo when I'm wet, but she just had enough of my antics and couldn't dry me off any more than that. He he he.

The current score...
Mom and the Medicated Shampoo: 0
Buttons: 1


  1. but iffen dat shampoo stops dem itchies mehbe bafs r so ebil affer all? nah, wot wuz i finkin?

  2. Oh Buttons
    I hope that shampoo works cuz it is the pitts to itch!! I feel for ya on the bath thing, I hate them too and like you, I try to escape!!


  3. I have allergies, too, and hate that darn medicated shampoo.

    Just making my way through the blog hop.

  4. Woo do pitiful khwite well!


    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  5. Aww, but you have so many cool toys in the bath my friend! It can't be so bad...

  6. Allergies are certainly not fun are they Buttons. I hope the bath was worth it and now you don't itch anymore...

  7. Oh, Buttons, you're too cute! Even soaking wet! I thought I'd stop by for the Blog Hop, but who expected SUCH cuteness!

  8. Looks like you are ahead! Good job! You are so cute!

  9. I'm so sorry you have the itchies, Buttons. I have them too but not as bad as you. You look sooo cute in that tub but I know you hate it. Sorry you had to be tortured but you got the best of your mom, so small victories are always good!

  10. Awwwwww Buttons you is too cute, momma just luvs to sees your bath pictures even though she knows you hates it. Sorry to hears about your allergies, dat must be no funs at all. At least you gots plenty of nom nom treats and a squeaky toys!


  11. I know you hate the bath but you really look so cute all wet. I am sorry about your allergies!