Friday, March 5, 2010

Surprise in the Mail

The mail man brought me a surprise package today!

Guess who it was former foster sis Shawnee! She sent me a brand new monkey toy, and it made super-loud monkey sounds. Here's the card she included.

She saw all about how my other monkey toy fell apart so she sent me a new one! Shawnee is so sweet, isn't she? She even taped some of her furs in the card, so it was almost like she was here with me! I sniffed those furs for a while. Even napped on top of the card once tonight.

The monkey is really fun to play with. It's got lots of furs on it, and it's very fun to pluck at.

I played a LOT with that monkey tonight! I even used him as a pillow while I napped for a bit.

There was a sort of downside to the surprise package from Shawnee. You know what else she sent me? A piggy costume! UGH! It was the piggy Halloween costume that Shawnee's groomer gave me when I was living with my foster family. You see, I make lots of piggy noises all of the time, so they thought it was sort of appropriate to dress me like a piggy for Halloween.

I thought I'd seen the last of that silly costume when I came to live with my new Mom. I guess not!

I actually think Shawnee and my Mom conspired against me or something. Why else would Shawnee suddenly send that piggy costume out of the blue? My Mom got SO excited about getting it in the mail, too. Seemed sort of fishy to me.

Mom made me wear it tonight while she took pictures. It was humiliating. I refused to cooperate, too, since I was playing with my new monkey.

By the way, have you ever seen a piggy pluck the fur off a monkey?

I even rolled on (well...maybe "near" instead of "on") my new monkey while wearing the piggy costume.

Silly piggy costume. Honestly, what on earth is my Mom thinking? WHY is she making me wear this outfit?!

I suppose I should be honest with you, though. You see, I think the piggy costume was one of the things that made my new Mom fall in love with me. She knew all about me, of course, and she even sent me some toys at my foster home. But I'm pretty sure the pictures that Shawnee posted of me in my piggy costume must have sealed the deal because it wasn't too long after that that I found out I was going to get a forever and ever family.

So maybe the piggy costume isn't so bad after all... Oink, oink, oink.


  1. How khute!

    Shawnee is furry furry nice!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Heehee, we love your little piggy outfit, and what a sweet friend to send you a new toy!!

  3. I dunno how that piggie kostoom gotted in that box. I think mom must has snucked it in there.

  4. Dat little piggy outfit is so cute on you. But then you are full of cutness, so anything would be cute on you.

  5. Buttons, I'm sorry to say but look soooo cute in your piggy outfit. I love the monkey Shawnee got for you. Shawnee rocks! I like to pluck my sparkle balls of all their sparkles. That's kinda like you plucking your monkey.