Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monkey Business

Mom had to run to the store tonight and I went along for the ride. Yeah, it's a little cold outside right now, but Mom made sure the car was toasty for me and she was only inside for a minute.

When she got back to the car, she put her shopping bag between the seats. It's my sworn duty to investigate all plastic sacks, so I dug right in. Guess what I found? MONKEY TOY!!! That's right...Mom got me a new toy when she was inside the store. Mom even had the store cashier cut the tag off so that I could play with the new toy in the car. My Mom's so cool!

Here's my cute new monkey.

But there was a little problem with my monkey. Before we even got back home, Mom noticed that I had stuffing on my chin. Yep. I had attacked my toy and was pulling out the stuffing! When we got inside our house, Mom investigated and she found two holes in the monkey.

Hole number 1...

Hole number 2...

Now I have destroyed a toy or two in the past, but I'm not usually a destroyer like that. Mom thinks that maybe the toy wasn't sewn together very well to begin with. She told me that she would try to fix the holes for me tomorrow 'cause she was too busy tonight with other stuff. But THAT plan was not going to work...

"There's nothing to see here, Mom."

That's right...I de-stuffed my monkey while Mom wasn't looking. She should have known better than to let me keep playing with it! (That big white thing is the crinkly squeaker.)

When she caught me, I knew I was in a little bit of trouble.

So I put on my best, most-innocent-looking face. And of course Mom just melted. She can't resist the cuteness!

She even let me nap on the monkey remains. Yep. I've got Mom trained.

It was a cute monkey...


  1. Blogger ate our khomment...

    ANYWAY, didn't your mom realise an evil skhwirrel had tagged along?


  2. I believe I've said it before, but you're soooo cute no wonder you get away with things!! We'd let you get away with murder if you lived here!

  3. In your defense, Buttons, that monkey must has been from bad breeding coz we had his sheep cuzzin afore and she was ded rilly fast too and we is not much on killing our toys any mores. (Woz your mom at Walgreens by any chance?)

  4. Get da monkey to da ER STAT! U can still sabe it. Keep da squeakie in ice until da Dr. gets there. Make sure dey gib da monkey anasthesmia so he don't feel da re-stuffing & stitches!

    Good luck & hope U can save da monkey!

  5. Geez Buttons, you were only trying to help. And that's the thanks you get....

  6. It's me and I bring the sunshine... Please have a look!!!

  7. Well, Buttons, it looks like it was fun while it lasted. RIP Monkey.

    I love your innocent-face picture. You've got that down pat, girlfriend!


  8. I'm melting here too...look at that oh so innocent looking face....awwwww