Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My New Fire Hydrant

Ta dah! Got a super big box in the mail!

At the Sci-Fi Pawty I won a gift certificate for Mom helped me use it to order some stuff! Since I have so many toys, Mom and I thought that maybe I should get another toy box. We found this super cool one...

Isn't that awesome?! It's a toy box...but it's a fire hydrant! (A note to my doggie friends: no peeing on my toy box, please.)

Mom got me a squeaky toy sheep, too! It's cool.

But even though I had a new hydrant and a new sheepy, my toy radar was still going off like crazy when I was standing there beside the hydrant. I knew that there was something inside that toy box. I just KNEW it. So I barked.

And I barked.

And I barked some more.

But Mom rudely refused to open the hydrant. So, I took matters into my own paws. I jumped on it and knocked it over.

When the hydrant fell over, the lid came off. That let me get at what was inside!

Sure enough. There was a HUGE rabbit toy in there!

That rabbit was practically as big as me. I played with it for just a bit, but then Mom rudely took it away from me. She says that we got that toy for my cousin Hoss and he doesn't need me to pluck the fur off or get it slobbery for him. What?! A toy comes to MY house and Mom says it's not for me?! That's just not right!

So then Mom put a ton of toys in the toy box and I thought maybe she hid that new Hoss toy in there, too.

Naturally, I knocked it over once again and started pulling all of those toys out.

Sadly, I couldn't find the rabbit. I'm still looking for it...and I won't rest until I find it! I'm very persistent. Just ask Mom. He he he.

Oh -- and before I forget...BIG Buttons thanks to for donating the gift certificate for the Sci-Fi Pawty! Thanks for my cool new not-to-be-peed-on hydrant!


  1. It surely looks a khonstant parade of mail kharrier AND BBT to your house!

    Khool stuff!


  2. Hmmm, maybe you could have that bunny and your mummy could get a different one for your cousin? heh heh heh

  3. Sundays must be very boring days at your house - no postal delivery. And... now they are going to stop delivery on Saturdays. Whatever will you do Buttons.

  4. WOW, you get lots of mail, Buttons!!! And sooooo much cool stuff!!! Congrats on your new fire hydrant... but PLEASE, keep the bunny alive!!! ;-)

  5. Wow dat Hydrant iz almost az much fun az da toys! WHO NOO?

    U Mom better gets dat toy to Hoss afore it becomes da Buttons MOL.

  6. Is you on a furst name basis wif the postal man now? I cannot believes you gets mail efurry day. And, um, good luck wif keeping your toys in that fire hydrant, BOL!

  7. You have all the luck, Buttons! I wish I got sutff in the mail as much as you do. It's so funny that you just knew there was a new toy in that hydrant. You really are persistent!

  8. I'm thinkin' the fire hydrant will be more of a decoration than actually used as a toy box!! lol

  9. Cool! You sure get a lot of mail, my friend!

  10. MOL hehehehe OMC!! Dat is so pawsome, you knows when dere is another toy even if it is hidings!! You has da bestest toy radar I has ever seens!


  11. Looks like your whole body can fit in there. Don't get stuck though!
    But you were kidding when you said no peeing on it, right? c'mon it's a fire hydrant! *woof*