Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walking around the Pond

It was a beautiful day today, so when Mom got home from work, we headed for a walk around the pond by our house. Here's a picture of the pond. You can almost see where we live in this picture...almost... Its waaaay over there, behind that building.

Here's a good "action shot" of me. I was hurrying to catch up with Mom after I stopped to sniff that orange thing.

Walking and sniffing...

Mom tried to trick me to get me to pose for her. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I was too excited about sniffing everything. No time to pose!

I had to check out the "Dog Station." That's a very important stop.

Sniffing some more... (I did a LOT of sniffing.)

The best part about this next picture is what you can't see. I'm actually sniffing a dead fish! It was just sitting on the grass. Mom thought I was sniffing goose poop and she tugged on my leash to get me away from it. She had NO idea that I had my face in a dead fishy! She figured it out once I moved, of course, and then she was totally grossed out. That was hysterical.

Here I am walking away from the dead fishy and hoping to find another one. I didn't find any more fishies, but I did run into a huge pile of doggy poop soon after the fishy. Mom didn't seem to want me to sniff that, either.

I finally did stop to pose for Mom, but I waited until the very end, of course, and I stopped in some mud instead of in the nice grassy spots. That concrete is the parking lot by our house, so this was the very last chance Mom had to take my picture!

I loved going for that walk tonight! Now I'm just gonna dream of that dead fishy until I get to go back to the pond to sniff it again...


  1. No fair that you finds ded fishies! They is grate to perfoom yourself with. Ah, the aroma...

  2. What a great 'walking wednesday' woo had!

    Thanks fur sharing it!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. Hi Buttons,

    Haven't seen you in a while. Come by and see us!

    Riley and Star.

  4. Hi Buttons,
    I would have enjoyed smelling that dead fishy too I think. Mama would have fainted if she saw and smelled that! Hee hee.

    Your walk was very pretty!


  5. Buttons - you are so lucky to have a nice pond to walk around. Sweet "fishy" dreams!

  6. Don't dead fish stink? I am just saying.... Hey you don't have any snow -- what's up with that?

  7. heheheh I got to sniff some dead fish at the lake before. But that doesn't happen a lot since mom's so vigilant...*sigh* You were lucky...
    Beautiful day. Nice walk. :o)

  8. Nice walkie! U looked pooped at da end of it!! I wish U lib'd by me so we could walkie 2geder!