Monday, March 1, 2010

Toy Radar

My toy radar has been going crazy lately. Mom went shopping yesterday and brought home bags of stuff. She put it all up on the table where I couldn't go through it. You know we have a rule that says if Mom goes shopping, she has to get me a toy, right? Well, she didn't come through on her end of that deal. No toy for me yesterday.

But the toy radar told me that there was a new toy in our house. And I was sure it was up on that table. So tonight I just sat by the table and barked at it. And barked at it. And barked at it.

You know what? I WAS RIGHT! The toy radar has not failed me yet. When Mom thought I was in the other room, she started messing around on top of the table. She didn't know that I was UNDER the table, spying on her! And that's when I heard the squeaky and Mom knew she was busted! How dare she try to hide a squeaky toy from me!

Anyway, here's my new toy. I don't know what it's supposed to be, so I just call him Spike.

Mom kept taking pictures of me, so I decided to pose for her. I thought maybe she'd stop taking pictures if I did. It didn't work.

Here's one of a multitude of pictures of me playing with Spike.

I played a LOT tonight. I was a crazy doggie for a while.

I played so much tonight that I wore myself out.

I had to nap for a while. And of course I kept Spike nearby...

I love my toy radar! What a useful thing for a toyaholic to have...


  1. Buttons, we're pretty happy your mummy doesn't stop taking your photo, cause we like looking at you so much!!

  2. Spike seems like a likely khandidate to make it onto the most annoying toy list!

    Way to go Buttons!


  3. Tell Spike hi from me and Bob! I like to name my toys too!

  4. Hello Buttons!

    You are so adorable playing with Spike. No wonder you got lots and lots of toys. Mind if you share with us where to get a toy radar? More so, do you have any tips on how we could keep our toys in 1 piece?! We could hardly keep a collection of toys. One of us ends up hmmm... ripping them apart. Waaaah

    -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

  5. he he - I think you should hire out as a toy tester! You'd be an expert at it.

  6. i finks u toy radar iz a lil like spider-mans spidey sense!

    danah nah da nah nah busy buttons!