Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rubber Ducky, You're the One

Mom told me last night that I was a stinky doggie. I replied, "why thank you very much!" I'm a dog. I really don't care how I smell! Well, actually, I take that back. I'd rather stink than smell like vanilla dog shampoo. Most importantly, though...I don't like baths!

Mom thought she'd try to make bath time a little better for me this time. Just take a look at what she did:

That's right...she bought rubber ducky doggie toys and put them in the bath water! There's a momma ducky and four baby duckies. She thought she would trick me into getting into the tub by putting toys in there. That was NOT going to happen. I investigated the new toys from afar...outside of the bath water.

I tried to make a break for it when Mom cornered me to put me in the tub. Duckies or not, a bath is still a bath.

"Oh, you poor duckies! We're stuck in this bath tub together!"

Mom washed me all over and I plotted my escape from the bath tub...while trying to act like I wasn't actually plotting my escape... (Hmm...that water looks a little dirty. Was all of that dirt really in my furs?!)

Tried to make a break for it with a baby ducky, but I couldn't make it over the side of the tub. Having the duck in my mouth did make it harder for Mom to wash my face, though, so that was a tiny bit of revenge...

Then I tried to rescue the momma duck, too, but she was just too big...and the bath tub was too deep.

"Sorry, duckies, but it looks like you're on your own!"

Mom finally rescued me from the tub and she got the duckies out of there, too. She put 'em on the bath mat. I knew they couldn't get away from there, though, so while Mom was trying to dry me off, I moved all of the duckies over to the door, one by one.

I also rescued 'em from the bathroom, then, just as soon as Mom opened that door. Well, I had to do it one at a time, so it took me several trips to get all the duckies out to our living room. The ducks are much more fun to play with in the living room!

Here's hoping that we don't have to do that ever again. Just say "NO" to baths!


  1. From one dog to anudder, I must say you woz kwite doity, Buttons. But very clever - look how you gotted 5 more new toys outta the deal!

  2. Oh my gosh - look at all those rubber duckies. You know - you are even cute wet!

  3. I bet one of those dukhks brought the dirty water!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  4. Your mom sure knows how to make a bath fun!

  5. Aw U got a cleber momma! Dis is sooo sweet & thoughtful - U R sooo lub'd! & not just by your momma, but by all her anipal buddies!!

    Rubber duckie, U da one... U make baff time, lots of fun..... rubber duckie!

  6. Hi, where'd you get the big rubber duck? Been looking for one like that :D