Sunday, March 7, 2010

Visiting Friends

Mom and I went on a car ride yesterday to visit with our friends Ronda and Molly!

Before we could leave home, though, Mom made sure to put all my new seat belt stuff on me. This is the first time I've ever warn my new harness. I didn't mind it too much, even though I don't look too thrilled in the pictures...

Mom says the important thing is that I'm now safe when we go for rides. I won't turn into a doggie projectile and fly out of our car if we get in a wreck. Seat belts sound like a good plan to me!

Now, back to the important visit with Molly! Here's Molly...

Molly was pretty excited to see Mom and I when we got to their house. I said "hi" but then I zeroed in on something very, very important...Molly's TOY BOX!

She was nice and let me play with all her toys. And I did play with ALL of them! She's even got a tree trunk of squirrels toy, just like I have!

I played and played and played with Molly's toys...but then something else caught my eye. I saw PIGLET! I became a little obsessed with Molly's kitty Piglet. I stared and stared and stared at her. I tried to sneaky close to her and actually managed to get near her. But then she bolted upstairs. I just wanted to sniff her.

So I sat at the bottom of the stairs and watched for any signs of Piglet. Molly didn't seem to care at all about Piglet. I was surprised by that. How could she not try to sneaky up to sniff Piglet???

Mom and Ronda finally went upstairs so I got to go, too, and I searched for Piglet up there. Found her!

I stared and stared some more. But then Mom made me go back downstairs with her, so I spent some time downstairs looking for Piglet (who stayed upstairs) or anything that smelled like Piglet. Had a bit of a problem in my snooping, though. I sort of got myself a little stuck in the corner between the couch and the love seat.

Mom had to get me out of there 'cause I was really super stuck. I tried to squeeze back there again later, but Mom wouldn't let me. She figured I'd get stuck again.

Piglet actually came back downstairs after a while, so I started staring and staring at her again.

I don't ever ignore toys, so Mom was surprised that I was so obsessed with Piglet. She's afraid that she's going to have to get a kitty for me. I agree!

Oh -- and one last thing. I had NOTHING to do with this:

That toy destruction was ALL Molly. I had nothing to do with it...and Mom and Ronda can vouch for me. (I'm not messin' with you, either!)


  1. Is this the first time you've met a real, live kitty? I must say, you behaved very well and didn't bark or try to chase Piglet. Leave it to you to find the toys tho. You were a good puppy and didn't destroy any of them.

  2. Molly has a toy box just like we both do! We all has matchy toy boxies now! You shore you not messin' wif me about that ded toy?

  3. Dat toy looks likes it needed kilt anywho!

    I fink it beary smarts of u mom to gets u a safe seatbelts fur drives.

    I am finkin u needs a kitteh too. But one wot wont hides frum u likes dat one did.

  4. Yippee!!! You need TWO kitty friends, ones like US!!

  5. Oh no, Buttons, what do I see there?! Another dead one!!! Poor Lippe, where am I sending you to?! Are you sure, that wasn't you, I can't help myself, it looks like Busy Buttons brand!!!

  6. are lucky that Piglet didn't give you a little "love scratch" for getting that close....
    I have 3 kitty brothers and they are the best!

  7. Buttons, only cuz you said your mom and Rhonda can vouch for you do I believe you. Otherwise...well, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think that maybe you did that.

    You were really curious about Piglet. I had a laugh about you getting stuck (sorry but you look so cute). If you get a kitty you have to make sure you don't get a scardey one.

    Molly is really cute too. Oh, I like your seatbelt. I love pink!


  8. I love your harness! Mine is boring black. Maybe I should put a cute one on my Christmas list next year!

  9. Woo were khwite khwikhk to chekhk out the stuffie ofFURings!

    Thanks fur sharing your visit!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  10. I haven't had any luck with my 4 kitties. Today I did a perfectly good play bow for one of them and she just turned around and stalked off. That was just plain rude! Maybe you would be ok because you are there first. The kitties came before me and I don't think they like it that I took over mom and dad's attention.

  11. What a Shih Tzu way of playing wif Piglet, just watching! Dats what I do & den kitties sorta come 2 me after a while!! U made a new fwiend I think....course dat makes up for da destroyed purple cowie thing - oh dat's right, Molly did dat!

    I am so glad U hazin fun wif eberyone - you just a cute widdle girlie!

    I lub you so!

  12. Well, we know Jan can't blame that on us. We weren't even there when the toy got killed.

    Looks like you found a potential friend.