Thursday, August 5, 2010

Midnight Excursions

Someone has decided to go out to poo at midnight for the last two nights in a row. Certainly it couldn't be this innocent-looking doggie...

I guess I do look a little sleepy in that picture. He he he. That's because it was 12:30 a.m.!

And THIS is what I looked like in the morning when Mom had to get up to go to work:

Mom says I'm ornery, but I just don't see it...


  1. I'm thinking woo are only trying to be like how moms khan be sometimes!


  2. Nope, we know it could not be you. You are too cute!!

  3. Well would your Mama prefer for yous to poop in the house ?
    I knows my Momma would prefer it if I didn't poop or pee in da house but she knows I can't help it cos of my medical problems but I knows she would love to be woken in the night to lets me out.

  4. It do be exhausting keeping our moms up late at nite so we do has to sleep in when the mornings come, BOL.