Friday, August 6, 2010

Fetching Fiasco

Mom and I were playing fetch tonight with my hamburger toy.

And then we had a problem...

See that? Mom actually tossed my hamburger down the hallway and it landed right smack in my water bowl. It was totally her fault.

I told Mom that I was NOT going to get that hamburger out of the water bowl. After all, she's the one who threw it in there.

Mom finally got the hamburger out for me after she stopped laughing and taking pictures. She didn't dry the hamburger off, but that was o.k. At least I didn't have to dunk myself to get it.

We played fetch some more, and then I decided I needed to get a drink out of my newly-hamburgered water bowl. It's a good thing that the water didn't taste funny.

All of that drama wore me out. (Doesn't take much, does it? He he he.)

I hope Mom has better aim when she tosses for fetch tomorrow!


  1. Buttons,
    MOMS!! What are we going to do with them?? She sounds like my mom and mine would be laughing too and Good job for NOT getting it out. Gotta show her who the boss is huh??


  2. Puppy, we LOVE how you play till you fall over. We wish we had a puppy too.

  3. Hi Buttons,

    We are stopping by from the Saturday Blog Hop. It's nice to meet you!

    Glad your mommy pulled that hamburger out of your water bowl; hamburger water doesn't sound so appetizing to us, either. ;)

    Your new friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

  4. BOL! Yesterday I was making the Girl throw my toy in the massage room and she accidentally threw it on top of the massage table! Uh, how the heck was I supposed to get that?! These moms need better aim.

  5. Sounds like the woman. Only I make her do the fetching. If she throws the toys, she's gotta fetch them, right?

  6. ha ha- sometimes M tosses me ball and it lands in the water dish. What's the matter with their aim anyway?

  7. Hello Button, Looks like you had a great time of fetch with your mom and the hamburger!
    Have A great rest of the weekend
    Your Friends at

  8. That hamburger toy looks fun even if it did get wet. Hope you're havin' a great weekend, Buttons!

  9. ma humanz laff at me all da time n out comes dat flashy box *shakes hed*

    wot we gonna do wif dem humanz huh?

  10. Good thing your mom did it coz if'n you would has throwned your hambooger in the water you would has been in trubbulls fur making a mess! Like the boy say, "If'n mom duss it, it be funny, If'n I duss it I be in trubbulls." Sad fact of life.