Thursday, August 12, 2010

Icky, Sicky Messes

Someone made a big mess in our house today while Mom was at work. It couldn't have been ME, right? I'm completely innocent...

OK, so maybe it was me...

I got sick today while Mom was gone. And then I got sick again. And again. I actually managed to pukey in 9 different places inside our house. (That's got to be a new record, right?)

When Mom got home and found the mess, she broke out the SpotBot. I supervised.

"You toys doing OK? Don't worry about that SpotBot. It's just cleaning up the pukey." (I actually "got" the hallway in three spots -- there are two cleaned-up ones behind me.)

I'll admit that I was a little worried about Mom being upset with me 'cause of the mess. I hid under the bed for a bit. Took my snake under there with me, too.

But I shouldn't have worried. Mom never got upset with me. She just cleaned up the messes (for an hour) and petted me lots and lots. I think she was worried about me being sick. I did my best to look pathetic. I even hid under the table...looking super pathetic...

Mom cleaned and cleaned and finally got the carpets all nice again. Then Mom decided that there was too much pukey on me, too, and she said that I smelled. I didn't care...wasn't bothering ME. That didn't stop her, though. She took me to the bathtub. I hate that place. Here's a picture of me right before I launched myself out of the tub and ran to hide under the bed.

Sadly, Mom managed to pull me out from under the bed, and she took me back to the tub. She gave me a "sponge bath" on my chin, face, and ears 'cause of the pukey smell. I refused to look at her.

I gave her lots of dirty looks after the sponge bath, too.

Then I went right back to acting pathetic.

The only good thing that came out of the events of the evening was the fact that Mom put me back on the yummy bland diet. YES! Bring on the boiled hamburger and rice!!! So much tastier than dry kibble.

Now it's time to nap again...


  1. Oh what would they do without the magikh SpotBot!

    Paws khrossed woo khontinue to feel better!


  2. Ma humanz needs to gets one of dem SpotBots to cleans up hairball messess.

    I hopes u feelin betterer real qwik.

  3. Good way to get better food. Hope your tummy gets better soon
    See Yea George xxx

  4. OOOOH that spotbot is so cool.
    I is so sorry you had the sickies and hopes you feel better soon. I hate the sickies as Moms give me bathies too I don't mind too much as I luvs the rolling on Moms bed and the blowy machine after.

  5. I sorry you iz not feeling good in your tummy Buttons *softpaw*

  6. Sorry your tummy is out of whack friend. Looks like your mommy has a "handle" on the situation, so you'll feel better soon.

  7. Hope you feel better soon! No fun to have belly aches. And to put you in the bath... didn't your mom know you had a bad enough day!? I hate the baths...

  8. Hope you feel better buttons!


  9. I hope you start feeling better, Buttons! You had a lot of pukes. I'm so glad your mom didn't get mad at you (you should know she wouldn't). You looked so sad. Sorry about the bath (again). Hang in there, girlfriend! I hope you have a good weekend on your yummy bland diet, and I hope you don't get sick anymore.

  10. That doesn't sound good at all Buttons. Hope your tummy feels better real soon.

  11. Yah it snce when we get sick, not that we are sick but we get that extra attention from Mom.
    Hope you feel better and enjoy the meat and rice.


  12. Sick tummies are no fun! But moms are great about not getting mad when they know you can't help it!

  13. You are the most expressive puppy we've ever seen!! We LOVE the ignoring you shot!