Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fighting Over the Bed

Mom and I have been having a disagreement about the big bed. She thinks she gets to say where we both sleep. I think not.

I like to wiggle my little rump right into the middle of the bed.

Mom claims that she can't sleep well when my rump is in the middle. She says that when I do that she has to sleep diagonally across the top of the bed to get enough room for herself. I think that's a weak argument. She obviously found a way to get enough room, didn't she? And I can't help it that the middle is where I sleep best...


  1. Hmm. I think the solution might be to get a bigger bed. We now have a king size bed and I have my side and Girl has her side...that I sometimes sleep on too and make her scoot over or sleep diagonally. If your mom is reading this she might be thinking, "That is not a solution at all!" BUT having a bigger bed makes it much roomier for that diagonal sleeping. Plus there would be room for kitties that way too!

  2. I don't see any problems with YOUR arrangement -


  3. BUttons, I think the middle works for you just perfectly. I guess a solution woiuld be for Mom to get herself a new bed and let you have that one!!!


  4. Buttons: It seems to me, humans can't make up their minds.

    I sleep at the foot of the bed and my mom is always trying to drag me up and into the middle to "cuddle" with her. Ugh! Then we have your mom trying to get you OUT of the middle of the bed!

    Personally, I think you should trick your human by NOT sleeping in the middle for a couple of days. She will miss you sooooo much, she will let you have most of the bed from then on!

  5. I always find it pretty amazing on how the smallest dog can take up a huge bed. We sure hope you were able to stay in the middle.

  6. I like to sleep in the middle too! But I think my mom understands that my sleep is the most important, so she just leaves me there and squeezes in on the edges of the bed.

  7. I is sure your mom has heared "Let sleeping dogs lie..." Werds to live by.

  8. I do the same thing to my mom. But she just gets in bed and if I'm in the way, too bad. She pushes me out of the way. How rude! I was there first!

  9. Sounds pretty selfish of her. We make our mummy and daddy sleep in the lounge so we can have the bed.

  10. We love your blog and have given you an award if you would like to accept it.