Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who Unstuffed My Stuffie?!

When Mom and I woke up the other morning, we discovered a mystery. Someone had plucked a hole in my squeaky toy and pulled the stuffing and squeaker out! The stuffie's remains were right there on the foot of the bed, on the blanket that I sleep on. How rude!

I figured that it HAD to have been Mom because it's just the two of us here. Right? So I gave her a look and said, "Was that YOU, Mom?"

She denied it, of course, and then pointed out the fact that she doesn't play with my toys.

And then, well, she got a photo of this...

She caught me red-handed. I couldn't resist the toy, and I totally blew my cover. Oops.


  1. Sometimes we get too engrossed that we didn't realized what we have done!

  2. Ohhh Buttons I could not resist that sweet face of yours I would admit it was me that did the destuffing I would not be able to help myself.
    You always make me smile sweetheart
    Momma Tea

  3. he he- I think mama is on to you sweetie. But, how can she help but not smile.

  4. Oh BUttons, you are too funny and cute!! Too bad she didnt fall for the sad look!!! Ha!


  5. It could has been spontaneous combustion.

  6. You can't help it!! The high of polyster cotton fibers is intoxicating! It leads to temporary insanitee! You're innocent!

  7. BOL! I was sure she'd crack after that look you gave her! I think she framed you.

  8. You poor thing; I can't believe she proved that you did that!

  9. Don't worry, we know it was her. She is in what you call denial
    Benny & Lily

  10. I think there is a stuffy monster that comes to our house and guts them while we sleep. That's my story anyway. Last night the monster ate the seat out of dad's jeans too. He blamed it on me. REALLY! Me? I hadn't done that in 2 whole years!