Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Visit to the Special Vet

On Monday, Mom decided to take me to see a special vet because I'm still having some tummy problems. Seemed like it took forever for the vet to come into our little room. I sat in the window while we waited.

Did a lot of people-watching out the window, too. There were a lot of people out there!

The special vet did lots and lots of tests. It wasn't very fun, so I'm not divulging info on those. What happens at the special vet's office, stays at the special vet's office.

Here's how I felt by the time I got to go home HOURS later...

The good news is that the tests didn't show any icky bad stuff. Bad news is that we still don't know what's wrong with my tummy. But we're trying some new things to see if they help.

Mom's been putting this yummy powder stuff on my food this week. She said something 'bout the powder being for any sneaky bugs that might be hiding in my tummy. If my tummy gets better this week, then I'll get another week of powder later on. If the powder doesn't help my tummy, then Mom says we'll try something else. So, we'll see!

I finally recovered from all of the icky tests, though. Mom and I went to see our neighbor tonight and she gave me some squeaky fries! They're super loud, too, so I LOVE squeaking 'em.

Yeah, Mom and I couldn't decide which of those two videos we liked the most so we showed you both!

Anyway, I rolled and squeaked until I had to take a break in my couch.

It's been quite a week, you know.


  1. Oh Buttons...both videos are TOP NOTCH,superb snorting,robust rolling...a em and of course,you xxx

  2. Shiloh'n Shasta here - we iz so furry much happy we stopped by - u iz such a cutie. Mom wood call that "piggy snortz" - she sez that iz what us B-bratz du when we r outside an'catch a scent in our yard. Furry much glad that the speshal vet didn't find anythin' wrong BUTT bet it iz shur frustratin'fer your mom. Hopefully that powder stuff will du the trick.

  3. Oh buttons I am glad that the vet did not find anything wrong. love the videos. I need to take some pointers from you about rolling,


  4. Tummy troubles are the worst. Sorry bouts the tests.

    Hope you tum tum is betters soon.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  5. Hello Buttons I am so happy to her that the special vet didnt find anything !!!!! Hopefully that tummy of yours will get better soon
    those fries look like lots of fun

  6. I knows sum of wot dat vet dun did to you since i been der dun dat. So i iz beary glad to seed dat u got squeakies to halp u get ovah it all. I hopes dis vet can finds out wt da heck iz goin on. iffen dey doz i sendin human2 der to find out wot wrng wif herz guts.

  7. Lol Squeak drop role Squeak snort snort snort smile Squeak

  8. I hope the powders help you out Buttons! Having tummy issues and having to visit da vet is no fun! My sissie,Ditto has been having similar issues and her gets da Vet's probiotic powders sprinkled on her foods everyday too!

  9. YOu are so funny rolling round on your toys buttons!! I hope the powder works and that your tummy thing goes away!!


  10. I hope that yummy powder fixez your lil belleh Buttons *softpaw*

  11. Oh Buttons...I'm so sorry. It sounds like you had a lot of things go in places they shouldn't go!! :(

    I go see my special eye vet Saturday, but I think she'll be concentrating on the opposite end that your vet did!! Feel better!!!!

  12. Buttons sweetie, I iz so happy they didn't find anything on the tests. At least it's good to know it isn't major. Hope that good tasting powder does the trick. Love both of your videos.

  13. Poor baby. Low fat cottage cheese and cooked white rice helps
    Benny & Lily

  14. Those Dr. VETS are just no fun!!!!!! I sure do hope the powder helps you!

  15. Buttons, I'm sorry about your tummy. Maybe you just need MORE FOOD to help fill it up. That's what fixed my tunny. Loved both vids but will vote for the second one. Your smile was precious. Also got a smile over you in your couch. More squeakies for Buttons!

  16. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well, I do hope you are much better, real soon!


  17. Wow, Buttons, that speshul V-E-T place sure duss look fancy and all. Is that snow sculptures I see out that winder? Wonner if'n the price of those be inclooded in your visit. Our speshul V-E-T place has a humungoid salt water fishie tank in the middull of the waiting room (I mean like several hoomans could suba dive in it) and mom pays lots of green papers so we can look at that while we is waiting. Anyways, get better soon!