Saturday, February 5, 2011

Perfect Form: The Art of Rolling

This is an educational post for all of you who would like to learn how to roll on your toys to squeaky them.

First of all, you must select your toy to roll on. Any toy will work, but make sure it's not a toy that will poke or ouchy you when you roll on it.

Next, flop on the toy. Then you can begin rolling on your back.

When rolling, it's all about using the perfect rolling form. Always -- and I mean always -- cross your back legs. It's much more lady-like and it gives you more booty power. You can sometimes use your front legs to get extra leverage when rolling, too. Just flop them about a little and you'll see. Always do little shimmies when you roll, too. Those are fun. And sometimes it helps to make snorty noises. (I'm not sure why, but I seem to make a lot of piggy noises when I roll...)

Here's a video demonstration of the proper form to use when rolling:

If you notice your Mom sitting nearby with a camera, it is important to IMMEDIATELY turn your back to her. Do not roll any more until she puts the camera away. Just ignore her. She needs to learn to not disturb your play time.

There you have it! That's all there is to rolling on your squeakies. Now, everyone please practice. Let's hear those squeaks!


  1. What can I say ??? Superb!!! The snorting was first class,just the perfect pitch,Bravo !

  2. YAY Buttons I will play the lesson for Maggie so she ccan learn the proper roll!!!!!!

  3. That was very informative Buttons! I especially like how you turn your back on Mom there at the end. That will teach her!

  4. We have never done that, thanks for showing us!

  5. Buttons was that you or your girl snorting?


  6. Very cute! The snorting just makes the rolling extra special.

  7. But, Buttons, if'n your mom did not make the video how woz you eggspecting to share the demonstrashun with udders? Sometimes it do be necessary. Sometimes. Pee Ess - I think the snorting gibs you turbo powahs.