Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Advances in Training

I'm very thankful today because we seem to be advancing well in Mom's training.  She's finally starting to come around, I think.  

As proof, I give you the following photo.

Do you see what I've done here?  It's really amazing.

Mom and our neighbor and me all like to sit outside near the playground and swimming pool.  If we sit there for a while, I might get thirsty.  So, they brought a bowl of water for me.  And I might get bored, so they brought me a toy.  And just in case I wanna chew on something, I've got a bully stick.  And if I get hungry, my neighbor also has a stash of mini Milkbones in her pocket!

The best part, however, is that very fluffy rug I'm sitting on.  Oh, yes.  No hard, crunchy ground for my little spoiled tushy!

We've had a bad drought here this summer, and the area in front of that bench is really just a pile of dirt.  My furs turned gray the last time we sat there because of the dirt and dust.  So, Mom and our neighbor brought a super comfy rug for me to sit on so I won't get so dirty again.

I'm really doing well in training Mom.  And our awesome neighbor, too...


  1. Good job Buttons. I'm proud of you. I knew if you worked hard enough on her, she'd eventually get the idea. I know for a fact that it takes some oomans longer than others cuz my two are very slow at catching on. he he