Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nocturnal Shih Tzu

Mom says "Nocturnal Shih Tzu" sounds like a good punk rock band name.  It also, in her opinion, describes me perfectly.

I have a tendency to wake Mom up at night.  I do it for fun reasons, too.  For example, I bark if I want Mom to turn on the light so I can go down my doggie stairs from the bed.  When it's time to go back up the stairs, I bark again. I have to be able to properly see my stairs!

Sometimes I wake Mom up by rolling on toys on the floor.

Or if I'm hungry, I wake her up, of course.

Or if I just wanna play for a while and I'm bored of playing by myself.

And then there's the obvious -- potty break.

Mom just doesn't understand.  She gets all bent outta whack about it, too.  Says she needs her beauty sleep.  But what else does she expect me to do??  Go down my stairs with only the light of the little night light?!  Or be content playing by myself?  Or...horror...NOT go potty?!

And then she gets all grouchy with me in the morning, too, when I snooze while she's getting ready to leave for work.

Not my fault.  It's her job to work for the kibble money.  It's my job to snooze and protect the living room.

And I might add that I'm very good at my job.

Mom just needs to figure out a way to nap at her job, too...


  1. Believe you, me, they don't understand. I stare at mom at 4:30am 7 days out of the week
    Benny & Lily

  2. What you say is right...moms just do not get it !!! Pasihuggs xx

  3. Buttons you are the cuteset and bestest friend that a girl could ever have !!! :) Soozi

  4. I rike to get right up by momma's face & stare at her! Den when she opens her eyeballs, my furry tail goes *wiggle wiggle wiggle* You are right Buttons, protectin da libin room is a super important job!

  5. Yea, my momma is the same way about getting woken up. I just don't pay her any mind and go about my business.