Monday, March 19, 2012

Teeny's Friends' Pink Turkey Toy

I was in a rolling and squeaking mood tonight...and the object of my "affection" was my pink turkey toy.

Wore myself out with all of that rolling, so I had to rest for a bit with a turkey toy pacifier.

While I was resting I realized that I never actually told you about my pink turkey toy and where it came from. Shame on me! It's a good story...

A couple of months ago, I won a squeaky toy from Bijntje in the monthly Twitter PawPawty. And if you know me, then you know that's the true way to my heart -- squeaky TOY!!!

Now that's super cool by itself...but here's where it gets even cooler... Instead of sending me a toy from a big store, Bijntje actually got me a toy from Teeny's Friends. When you get a toy from them, they also donate a toy to a needy dog in a rescue or a shelter or something like that. That means that because of Bijntje and Teeny's Friends, I got a toy and a needy dog got one, too!

Here's a pic of me when mom took the pink turkey toy out of the package for the first time. I think you can see the crazed look in my eyes...

And of course I plucked away after Mom gave me the toy.

We played a lot of tug and fetch, too. I wonder if the needy doggy had as much fun with his/her new toy...

After getting upset with Mom for taking so many pictures of me playing, I retreated to my tent with my new toy.

Here's a non-slobbery close-up for you of my pink turkey. Well, we think he sort of looks like a turkey. Anyway, he's FUN.

So thanks so much to Bijntje for donating my PawPawty prize, and thanks also to Teeny's Friends for donating toys to doggies that need them. Big hugs and squeaks to both of you!


  1. Bjintje (all those Js mess me up) and Teeny are both such great friends! How cool!

  2. So cute. Mom said we ate the best squeakers in the West. You are not so bad yourself.
    Benny & Lily

  3. I am beary happy that you like the Turkey toy so much. And I love the toy for a toy project from Teeny's Friend. Hugs

  4. I am beary happy that you like the Turkey toy so much. And I love the toy for a toy project from Teeny's Friend. Hugs

  5. That is a SQUEAKYTASTIC Toy !!!!!

  6. Wow - what a pawsome prize to win. And the best part was that another doggie also won a prize. Did I see all the feathers missing from your turkey already?

  7. Love your new Turkey Toy !! You are a natural on camera too .. I think you should be in commercials !!! ♥

  8. What a super fun toy

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. OMD, that be a pawsome toy. And yes, that crazed look in your eye, I know it so well, BOL.