Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Drastic Measures Worked!

When Mom came home from work today, she found a surprise for ME. Our totally-cool neighbor knew how much I loved that blue toy I talked about yesterday...and she got some toys for me that are similar to it! They were hanging in a sack on our door. She even took the tags off so I could get some immediate play action going!

They're actually doggie toys, too, so Mom says they're safe for me to play with, unlike the one I tried to steal from our neighbor the other day (oopsie).

Mom only gave me one of the new toys tonight because she "claims" that I enjoy my new toys more if I them one at a time. (Geez. I get no respect.)

Anyway, we played fetch a few times with my NEW blue ball, and it's super duper fun. But after a little fetch, I got kinda worried about Mom trying to steal THIS one from me, too. So you know what I did?

That's right...I went into hiding again. I hid in my princess tent where Mom couldn't get me. There's no way she's taking THIS toy away from me like she did the other one!

Of course she violated the privacy of the princess tent by taking a picture. You can tell how thrilled I was about that by the glaring look I gave her.

Then she had to take a pic through the tunnel, too. How RUDE!

I kept an eye on Mom by peeking out the end of the tunnel.

Mom was a little worried about me 'cause I wouldn't leave the tent AT ALL for an hour or so. Not for food or anything. (She was NOT getting my toy!) So, Mom put my supper in there with me to keep me from starving to death. That was a nice gesture, I suppose.

Eventually, though, I realized that Mom wasn't going to try to steal this blue ball from me, and I ventured out of the tent for some rolling, snorting, and squeaking...

Mom took this video of me saying thank you to our awesome neighbor...

OK, so maybe I was actually just after some cookies...but it sure sounds like I'm saying "thank you," doesn't it???


  1. Really enjoy watching you on the video, you look great and your so energetic pup!

    Dog Shock Collar | Paw Planet

  2. La Snortina Suprema !!! loved it

  3. Loved the story what a Great neighbor you have !! I always love your videos too . I know I say it everyctime but I can't help it You re just so darn cute... Thank you for making me smile :)

  4. That sure is a pawsome neighbor you have there. How dare mom invade your tunnel and tent - those are off limits to oomans.

  5. Is that a planet dog ball?! I have one of those and it's my favorite!

  6. pawsum neighbor and pawsum blue ball. u rock wif dat talkin too Buttons!

  7. Cute video, what a nice neighbor
    Benny & Lily

  8. Hurray! Wot na luvvly fing to ave kind nayberrs. I must ask dad bout gettin atent for myself...

  9. I get yelled at for talkin like that, Buttons. Mom is all like QUIET! Mebbe I is a little louder than you.