Monday, November 29, 2010

Rainy Night Argument

It was a rainy, rainy night tonight. All evening...rain, rain, rain.

When you gotta go outside to potty, the rain poses a bit of a problem. And when you don't like to get wet, then it's an even larger issue. And when you need to spend some time to, well, take care of your business outside, then the stupid rain is a huge, horrendous catastrophe.

That's the basis of the argument that Mom and I got into tonight. She said that I was too antsy because I had to poo and refused to do it. I said that there was no way I was going to do that when it was pouring down rain outside. I do not like to get wet.

After several rounds of bickering this evening, Mom did the unthinkable. She had the nerve to take me out on my leash and MAKE ME STAY OUTSIDE -- in the rain -- until I went poo! She kept yelling at me "GO POOP! GO POOP!" in the pouring rain. I got soaked. Mom got soaked. Eventually, though, I just broke down and did my thing so that we could go inside and she'd stop yelling "GO POOP!" like a crazy woman.

But when we got inside, I sure gave her the stink eye.

And then I went and hid under the blankie on the couch.

I really think this qualifies as doggie abuse. I'm sure of it. My only consolation is the fact that Mom got soaking wet right along with me. And, of course, all of our neighbors now think she's absolutely nuts...


  1. We have the same problem when it rains here.
    I stand outside with our little doggy Tinker and I keep saying go potty and we are both getting wet - lol
    Hope you are now cozy and warm.

  2. Well, since one of my nikhknames is Princess RainKhloud, I'm not in your khorner here!


  3. We are having the raining season in this part of the world where we live but we don't need to go outside to potty except for Beckham the labrador. We potty on wee pads.

  4. LOL that was so funny Buttons, But I know xactly how you feel. We dont live too far from you and we have had rain rain and more rain. Mom tells me to hurry up, Yah right I will get right on it!! Then when I come in she tells me that I smell like a wet dog!! DA!!! yep, our moms are crazy with a capital C!!


  5. OMD, my mom duss the same thing. You think they has been comparing notes ahind our backs?

  6. Ick... I hate the rain too. And I agree... doggie abuse in full form.

  7. I am fink u shuld hab an inside litterbox like i haz. den nobuddy needs to get wet or yell GO POOP. (dat iz just wrong i tellz ya)

  8. OMC i just finked about it. da worstest part of goin potty in da rain is dat it just like gettin a BATH!!!

  9. Hasn't your Mom heard of an UMBRELLA! She needs to hold one over you while you poop. She can get wet, if she wants but KEEP BUTTONS DRY!

  10. I don't mind the rains, cause rains bring mud! But Duncan can hold it ALL DAY and NIGHT if it's raining, he doesn't like getting his paws wet. It's amazing!

  11. Our mom screams and hollers "go pee...go poo" then when we do she hollers "good doggie!" And this is on days when it sunny. Our neighbors think we are crazy anyway for getting dressed up so it just falls in line ... BOL

    Hope you don't get anymore rain cause it melts such sweet doggies like yourself!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  12. Buttons: What is it with humans and Poop all the time. They are so obsessed! You were totally right to be a wee bit mad. PishPosh

  13. Hey, Buttons, keep fighting the good fight! We had a little shelter/gazebo thing in the backyard that was great for rainy days until the high winds tore it down.

    I was given a blog award I'm passing it on to you. The Versatile Blogger, it's called.

    Sorry if it doesn't hyperlink; I'm not very computer savvy. Don't feel obligated to pass it on if you don't want. I wanted to, so I did.

    Anyway, thanks for making me smile.

    PS - You are SO cute!