Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

We got a package the other day from! That's the happiest place on earth, you know. (Well, in MY opinion it is, at least!)

Inside my box was a turkey! Instead of squeaking, he says "gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble." Mom thinks it's a nice change from the typical squeaks she hears all the time. He he he.

I went a little crazy, playing with Mr. Gobble. Mom and I played tug for a bit.

Then we played fetch. She tossed him down the hallway...

...and eventually I brought him back!

I took my new turkey in my princess tent to play for a bit. Mom once again invaded my hidey spot by taking pictures.

I rolled on my turkey...or near the turkey, at least...

And Mom and I played tug some more!

There was a whole lot of gobbling going on for a while. I wore myself out, of course. Had to nap with my new turkey.

I love my new turkey toy!

Wait a minute. I just realized that box was MUCH bigger than just my turkey toy. There had to have been something else in there. I wonder if Mom's holding out on me again...


  1. That is a great turkey! We are giving two of them away, to blog friends, this Thanksgiving!


  2. Buttons
    Oh yah she HAS to be holding out on you with a box that big!! BOL That turkey looks like alot of fun!! hope you had a good ole nappy


  3. The toys wot sound like wot this is be the bestest! I is so dying to find out wot else woz in the box. I do beleef your mom be holding out on you. You think you can get Boris Kitty to spill his guts?

  4. Hello there Buttons!!!!

    My name is Minna Krebs, and my new sister-dog is lucky to have your name in the Christmas pressie exchange!

    We are also your newest follower, and look forward to being good furrends!

    MinnaK (and new sissie dog who is hoping to have a name soon BOL!)

  5. Hahahaha!!! oh how cute you are Buttons, you enjoy toys more than anyone we know!

  6. Just in time for Thanksgiving! That is so cool. You certainly do like your toys, don't you?

  7. Me again, Buttons.

    My email adddress is.... minnakrebs at gmail dot com. New sissie don't have her own email address yet! BOL