Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #12: All Souls' Day

The theme for this week's Anipal Photo Hunt is "All Souls' Day" It's a time to celebrate all of those who have gone before us. I've only been with my forever and ever Mom for 11 months, but we have had two big losses since I was adopted.

Most of you know that my sister Lexi-Lou passed away just a week after I was adopted. It was a huge shock. We'd all planned on Lexi and I having lots of years together. Didn't turn out that way, though. We only had one week.

Here's my sister Lexi.

And here's a picture of Lexi and I on a walk together.

Four months after Lexi-Lou passed away, my new Grandpa got really sick. He ended up passing away, too. We were all super sad. It helps knowing that Lexi-Lou has someone special to help take care of her now, though. I bet she's getting lots of cookies.

Here's a picture of Grandpa watching my cousin Hoss and I as we chew on one of Hossy's bones.

Hossy and I napped with Grandpa later that same day (I'm beside him on the couch).

That's a whole lot of sad in just a few short months. Mom said she was blessed to have me with her then, though, 'cause I make her laugh so much.

Mom put this magnet on our car the other day:

Mom says that magnet says it all.

Here are some other anipals taking part in this week's Anipal Photo Hunt celebration of All Souls' Day:


  1. We rekhall the post about your sisfur leaving unexpekhtedly -

    It wasn't enough time but at least woo were there to help your mom!

    Great magnet! We've seen that one and know how true it is!


  2. Sorry to hear of your losses. Glad momma had you, Buttons. Love the magnet! So very true!

  3. Oh, Buttons! Thank goodness for you! My mom lost her childhood cocker spaniel (my Aunt Maggie) about a month ago... Mom had me and grandma Lynda still had my Uncle Harley Pug. We can help them SO much at a time like that. Your sister was very beautiful.
    ps. mom LOVES that magnet!

  4. Thank you for sharing her with us!

    We have a pet blogging site,, that you might be interested in. It's a place to find & support fellow pet bloggers!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Thanks for shareing, and the photo with you a sleep with Grandpa is priceless
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Oh I remember your sister Lexie she was lovely and its so nice to see a picture of her again. Your grandpa seems like a good friend for you. Lots of loves to all of you.

  7. Sweet story & darling pictures, especially where you're all having a nap! Bless you for making your mama laugh, excellent job!
    xoxox ~Andy

    p.s. love that magnet! it's purrfect :)