Sunday, October 24, 2010

More New Toys for ME!

Baby Patches from had a happy hour a few weeks ago and gave away gift certificates to the store. Guess who won a gift certificate...that's right, ME!

I got a moose toy and a flappy toy. I love the moose toy 'cause it's stuffingless and that means I can squeak it easier. And I like to drag those stuffingless toys around, too. I played fetch with the moose for a while. Mom tried to take a pic, but I was just too speedy for her!

I played and played with that moose...until it was time for supper. Sorry, moose, but food is a priority.

The flappy toy is cool 'cause it's squeaky in the middle and has crinkly things on the ends. I took it into my princess tent to play with, but of course Mom had to bother me while I was playing in my hidey spot. The nerve of her!

I need to get a lock for my princess tent flaps.

Anyway, both toys have been super fun. Thanks, Baby Patches!


  1. It looks like woo made some great choices!


  2. Like you needed more toys, Button!! BOL

  3. And what better model for toys den our very own Buttons!! She'll really give them a good test and look cute doing it.

  4. Wot duss a dog has to do fur some privacies?