Monday, October 4, 2010

Going for a Walk

When Mom got home from work tonight, she took me for a walk around the pond near our house. I love going over there. Hadn't been for a while, so I had lots of pee-mail to check!

Yep. Lots of pee-mail on the garbage can...

Some interesting pee-mail by the rocks.

The pee-mail by this tree was a little boring.

Some interesting pee-mail by the poop bag station, too.

Some things had changed since we'd been over there last. Mom was excited to see that the park district put in special garbage cans for recycling. Cool, huh? I gave it a good sniff, of course.

There were also two new gazebos at the pond and they had picnic tables in them. Mom mistakenly thought that one of the tables would be good for a photo opportunity. I refused to look at her.

Then I stuck my tongue out at her.

Eventually, though, I realized that I probably wasn't getting off of that table until I posed like a good girl. So I put up with it, sat down, and looked at the stupid camera.

That's my "take the picture and get me off of this stupid table!" expression. You can sort of tell I wasn't excited about Mom's "photo opportunity."

It was sure nice to get a chance to check all of that pond pee-mail, though!


  1. The world is filled with interesting pee-mails!

    PeeEssWoo: Nice tongue out pikh!

  2. Love the expression on your face in the top picnic table pic. HAH!

  3. That sure woz a lot of pee-mail. Bet your sniffer is all tired out now.

  4. Such a cutie!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  5. WOW ur inbox wuz really full! MOL

  6. Oh, Buttons, you always crack me up!

  7. You certainly did have lots of peemail to check out. xxxooo

  8. We love checking out pee mail too:)

  9. Nothing better than peemail in the park! Seems your mom is kinda like mine "everything" is a photo shoot. Oh well at least you looked ADORABLE!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie JO & Bobo

  10. Buttons
    sounds like excellent pee-mail and a great walk. I know I completely understand those photo opps!! I find it goes much better if I just let her have her crazy picture and it keeps her Happy!! and a Happy mom, makes me Happy too. Although I have to say that the pic sticking your tongue out was funny!! HA!


  11. The things we endure for the humans...

    Inigo wants to thank you and your mummy for your kind words on our blog. It's meant so much to us having so many friends purring for him, and we know it helped him.

  12. I love the picture with you sticking your tongue out!