Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt # 7: I'm with the Band

"I'm with the band" is the theme for this week's Anipal Photo Hunt. Yeah...I'm a little late posting this week. I've had some tummy problems, and Mom and I have both been sorta busy dealing with me being sick.

I've got a violin toy and we hunted for a picture of it, but couldn't find one. And then Mom tried to find the toy itself, but no luck there, either. So, since squeaky toys are "music to my ears," we figured that any toy picture might work.

Here's a picture of me with a new elephant toy that Mom gave me. I'm hiding between the fireplace, the M&M man, my princess tent, and Mom's exercise bike. Still not feeling well. I'm not even playing with the toy...just sleeping with it in my mouth...

Here are some others in this week's photo hunt...


  1. Oh Buttons
    I ams orry that you have ad moire tummy problems. I hope you will be feeling better soon!!


  2. Dear Buttons,
    I hope you will do great soon =D

    autumn & jasmine

  3. Buttons

    I hope you feel better soon!


  4. Buttons, what did you get into that made your tummy feel so yucky?? Hope you are feeling better real soon.

  5. Oh my friend... maybe you need a kitty friend to cuddle you till you feel better? *cuddle*

  6. he he - yes, for sure, squeaky toys are "music to your ears." I do hope you will feel better soon dear friend. I sending you healing purrs purr purr purr.

  7. Oh, Buttons. I do hope you feel better soon! Sending you *nose nuzzes* to make you feel better.

    Your furiend, Oz

  8. Oh yay squeaky toy music is awesome! Hope youare feelng better now. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!

  9. I am thinking of those great videos your mom takes with you squeaking your toys. Really cool music Buttons!

  10. Get well wishes coming your way. I hope the next picture shows you bright and playful again!

  11. Hey Buttons,
    How are u feeling now?
    Has your tummy settled?
    Did u swallow something by mistake? we hope not because we hate to see our cute little furiend sick.

    Get well soon,
    Buddy n Ginger