Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I've Been Groomed

You saw my hairy pic from the other day...

Unfortunately, Mom decided I needed to see out, so she took me to the groomer.  I really don't like the groomer because she always gives me a BATH.  I hate baths!!!

I gave the groomer some dirty looks while she was working on my furs.  And you know what she did?!  The groomer TATTLED on me!!!  She sent Mom a picture of me mid-groom and told Mom I was giving her "I hate you" looks!  The nerve...

She finally finished my hair cut and then Mom came to pick me up. I got a "talking to" because of the dirty looks.

Then we headed to our house.  Ta Dah!  Here's me with my new 'do in the car, begging Mom to open the door so we can go inside our house.

I still can't believe the groomer tattled on me like that...


  1. Buttons you should go to Maggie's groomer she is always reprimanding me for something or another. Maggie always takes much pleasure seeing the groomer reprimand me about tangled fur, Or red ears or sore footsie.. Or something I think Maggie laughs while she's reprimanding me. Anyway I wanted to tell you look very pretty You have the greatest mom she takes such good care of you.. Hugs for Buttons...♥

  2. Now thats a bonnie wee lassie xxx Pasihuggs xx

  3. poor widdle Buttons! you rook so cute tho!

  4. Aww Buttons, you look so cute! I fink I'd be giving the groomer a stink eye for tattling tho. :)

  5. You do look different after your grooming. It's okay to give the groomer dirty looks. It helps you cope. Just don't bite or growl.

  6. Oh you look awesome sportin your new do
    Benny & Lily

  7. *whistles* you lookin extra pawsome there my pal.....

  8. Looking good

    Stop on by for a visit