Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Vet, Another Opinion

If you've been following along, then you know that I've had some health issues going on for the last few months. Way, way, way back in February Mom took me in to have my teeth cleaned and my big lump removed, but the vet said my liver was wonky and we couldn't do that stuff.

So since then, we've been trying to figure out why I'm wonky.  Lots and lots of tests.  I've been poked, prodded, x-rayed, ultrasound-ed, and poked some more.

On Monday, Mom took things to a new level.  We went to the Veterinary Hospital for another opinion.

I was anxiously watching people coming around the corner to the lobby. Mom took this picture right when a vet student came out to say "hi" to us.

The student got all of my info and talked to Mom for a while. Then she listened to my tummy and gave me some pets and looked in my ears.

When the student left, I hid under Mom's chair and refused to come out.

I stayed put under that chair, even with the student returned with the vet.  Mom rudely pulled me out from under the chair so that the vet could examine me.  RUDE, Mom, RUDE.

Anyway, I went into the back of the hospital with the vet and the student, and they did more poking, prodding, and examining back there.  Eventually, they brought me out to stay with Mom in the lobby.  I promptly hid under the chair there, of course.

So, here's the scoop on what the vet hospital thinks...

My liver is wonky.  The tests proved it's still wonky.  The vet said, though, that we may never be able to figure out why it's wonky like this.  I'm not showing any signs of problems...just an elevation in my blood work.  So, the vet said that Mom didn't need to worry about it anymore.  If I start to show signs of problems...then we'll look into possible causes again.  Until then, though, Mom's just supposed to keep and eye on things and give me extra toys and bacon.  (O.K., so maybe I added in that last part...)

The only real downside to the visit was that the vet put me on antibiotics.  The vet and the student took me back to recheck my blood pressure.  When we came back out the vet told Mom that I had infected anal glands.  She said she'd never seen that shade of neon green come from a doggie's anal glands before. Mom said she wants to know how they checked my blood pressure...

I told her that what happens at the vet hospital stays at the vet hospital...


  1. Aaaaaw the horror!!!!!!! anyway at least the liver business is calmed///Mega snoooooches xx

  2. Oh, my! Poor Buttons! But, hey, you got the best of care, so that really means your mommy cares!
    Be better. And my mommy wants to know how they check blood pressure, now.
    I won't tell.

  3. OMD....i dunno if that is good news or not my least the hex-perts is lookin after you...i loved my of luck and get well soon