Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hanging with My Neighbor

Yesterday Mom and I went over to see our cool neighbor.  But then you know what happened?  Mom LEFT ME there!

Now, I don't normally condone that sort of behavior from Mom.  The only redeeming factor was that if she's gonna leave me anywhere, then our neighbor's house is the best spot.  Our neighbor is actually my favorite person.  (Don't tell Mom I said that.)

So I just hung out for a while with my neighbor.

And the cool giraffe stuffie she gave me for my birthday.  (I'm half awake in this picture...)

We both napped a bit.  The giraffe made a good pillow.

My doggie bed made a good pillow, too.


We went for two walks outside while I was hanging with my neighbor.  That's right...TWO!  The weather was a little chilly, so that's perfect walking weather for me.  I loved it!

In between the walks, there were more naps.  And after the walks, we napped, too.

My neighbor covered me all up in my doggie bed once.  It was cozy, so I stayed burrowed down in there like a puppy burrito.

After a few hours, Mom came back by.  While she chatted with our neighbor, I napped some more.

It was a very busy day, you know...

Now does that doggie bed at my neighbor's house happen to look familiar to you?

How about this bed at my own house?

The bed at MY house is the one my neighbor gave me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.  She knew how comfy it was and how much I liked it, so she went and got another one just to keep at her house.  Seriously!  I get to snooze in it whenever I go visit her.  How cool is that?!

She really IS my favorite person!

(Again, don't tell my Mom I said that...)


  1. Wow your neighbor sounds like fun

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Oh wow you are So lucky you have the best neighbor in the world. And a very sweet mommy that leaves you with your neighbor so you're not alone. Your Bed looks super comfy... I am so glad that you have the life of a princess Because you are so sweet and so cute you deserve nothing but the best! Thank you for my Sunday smiles...

  3. OOOh, I love it when my mom covers me with a blankie! You really have a nice neighbor to visit! Walkies, naps, walkies, naps, a cool bed, toys, WOW!

  4. Your neighbour is a wonderful lady xx She is under the spell of the Smilemaker...hgreat pics

  5. Your nayberr is PAWFECT my pal. We mite haz to borrow her.

  6. Moms lucky you didn't want to stay with your neighbor
    Benny & Lily

  7. OMC! You've got the best neighbor! All we have are loudmouths who run down the hall screaming. And they've all got DOGS! Oh wait, you're a dog, aren't you. Heh-heh

  8. What?! Buttons, you have like the coolest neighbor on the planet!!! None of my neighbors have super-cozy beds just for me for when I visit.

    Obviously, I need to get out into the neighborhood and start charming the socks off these people!


  9. A Button Burrito!! Bahahaha!! Your neighbor rocks!! Since you gets stuffs from her, maybe she's like Missus Claus?!?!?