Monday, October 1, 2012

Bless Me

On Sunday Mom and our neighbor and I walked down to a church near where we live. They had a little "pet blessing" ceremony and Mom and our neighbor thought I could use a good blessing.  (Don't worry -- ain't no blessing going to get rid of my ornery side...)

Mom's church doesn't do pet blessings, and neither does our neighbor's church. But that was o.k. 'cause this church said everyone was welcome to come to the service.  So we went!

Here's Mom and me, right after we got to the church."blessed" the church yard just about as soon as we got there.  He he he.  Mom was thankful that she brought bags and that the church had garbage cans strategically placed in the yard.

There were lots of dogs there, and a lot of people, too.  Two guinea pigs came to be blessed, but no birdies or kitties.  (I would have loved to have seen a kitty.  I love kitties.)

This Shih Tzu's name was Bosco. That's the only dog name that we remember.  (Oops...)

The guy in the gray suit is Pastor Tom.  He did the blessings.

I got tired of standing in the sun, so I took advantage of a bit of shade.

This pup was craaaazy.

Here's part of the service itself. They had some readings and some prayers and some songs.

Then everybody got in a line to be blessed!  After the pastor blessed you, you got a little tag for your collar that says "I've been blessed."  And you also got some homemade doggie cookies, too!  (I don't know what they gave the guinea pigs...)  There were also bags of bird seeds you could take home to your birdies.

Blessing a guinea pig...

Then it was my turn!  Mom picked me up so the pastor didn't have to get down on the ground with me. She wanted to be sure she could hear what he said, too.

I'll admit it.  I purred a little bit.  But in my defense he gave me a good head scratch and said wonderful things to me!

Then I got my cookies and my little "I've been blessed" tag.

After all the guinea pigs and pups had been blessed, the peoples said another prayer and sang another song. Then Mom and our neighbor and me all walked home.

Here's a picture of the three of us before we walked home.

Mom says she and our neighbor have crazy hair because it was so windy.  You'll note, however, that my furs  look just fine...  He he he.


  1. Oh Buttons, dis made me and my momma so hapE! Momma all leaky eyed funking how hapE you and you momma is! U all are blessed - I'm so glad you enjoyed this service, and time wif ur neighbor! I lub u!!


  2. That. Was a beautiful day ! You are very blessed to have such a great mommy and neighbor ! hugs

  3. That is so exciting. We are so happy you went to the blessing
    Benny & Lily

  4. Yayaya...looks like a beautiful day and I love the idea of the blessing too xx