Saturday, September 22, 2012

Checking Pee-Mail

You know why I love to go for walks around the pond near our house?  It's not the's the PEE-MAIL.  There is SO much pee-mail over just wouldn't believe it...

There was a lot of news to catch up on.

Here's a pic of the pond.  Mom took it to break of all of my sniffing pics.

Back to checking my pee-mail.

As you can see, there are a LOT of garbage and recycling cans around the pond.

Taking time to stop and sniff the flowers...

Another garbage can...

OK.  So I started to get tired.

Then gave Mom my best "what are YOU looking at?!" look.

Then I just sat down in the grass for a bit.

Caught my second wind and BACK to sniffing!

Mom thought this tree was pretty because its leaves are starting to change colors.

Then I took off like a rocket!

But that burst of energy was short-lived.  I went back to sitting in the shade.

And then I laid down.

After a quick rest, I eased myself back into checking my pee-mail...

And, finally, I gave the very first tree an extra couple of sniffs.

It can be exhausting to check all of that pee-mail.

It wore me out for the rest of the day.


  1. I has to go to my hidey spot fur a nap now because that marathon pee-mail sniffing made me all tired.

  2. did you get the pee-mail I sent you. I think I left it in the garden.

  3. Such an adventure, no wonder you're ready for a snooze!

  4. typist says that every blade of grass is sumfing for my in-box....he he

  5. Wee lassie !!! I was pooped just lookin at the pics!!!!Loved it

  6. Buttons thank you !!!!! I love to come home after a long and crummy day of work and read your blog . It makes me remember all of the finer things in life ! You are a very special little girl !

  7. All dat peemail sure makes a short lil stroll into a huge hike dunt it?