Friday, September 21, 2012

Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week!

It's a bit of a coincidence that my birthday falls during Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet week.  My birthday was this past Tuesday, Sept. 18.  Don't worry -- Mom took a bazillion pictures and I'll probably post some soon.  We had quite a par-tay!!!

Anyway, I was a "less-adoptable" doggie.  When I came to live with my forever-and-ever-and-ever family just under three years ago, I was already 9 years old.  I guess people thought I was old or something.  That made them not want to adopt me.  And my nasty allergies were another strike against me, too.

But you know what?  My new Mom didn't think I was old.  She didn't care about the medicines I need for my allergies, either, or the excessive snots I sometimes have, or the fact that I wipe my allergy eye goobers on her pants (he he he...).

She saw my mischief and my antics and my cuteness and my huge personality.  And I think it's clear to everyone that we both got pretty lucky when we found each other.

So if you're looking to adopt, be sure to look at the "less-adoptable" pets, too.  Sometimes, they're just like Mom and me -- a perfect match.


  1. We look at you and think people should be FIGHTING to adopt you! How could anyone ever call you less adoptable??

    Happy belated birthday, and we bet you got LOTS of toys to celebrate!

  2. you is a most-adoptable pawson Buttons...well done promotin the week tho...