Tuesday, July 3, 2012

English Lesson: Homonyms

Mom works for English teachers during the day.  That's how she gets money to buy my toys and kibbles and allergy pills.  (She says she needs the money for rent and her stuff, too, but we all know the priorities around here.)  Anyway, since Mom knows some stuff about English, I thought I'd give everyone a quick lesson.

Ever heard of a homonym?  Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings.  Sometimes the words are even spelled exactly the same. You wave hello to someone...but you can also watch the ocean waves.  OR you can eat a berry, but a smart dog will bury a toy to hide it for later.

Still confused?  Here's another example that may help clear things up:  Toy Piggy

A toy piggy is a squeaky toy that looks like a piggy.  (Oink, squeak, oink)

A toy piggy is also a Shih Tzu who is obsessed with toys and could...perhaps...maybe...just maybe...hoard them.

This, then, is a toy piggy sniffing a toy piggy:

And a toy piggy being attacked by a toy piggy:

And finally, a toy piggy playing with a toy piggy while being rudely covered up with nearby toys (Mom thought that was sooooo funny...but you'll note it didn't break my concentration):

I hope you've enjoyed this English lesson on homonyms (and toy piggies, of course...).


  1. ha ha - Oh Buttons - you really did it this time. M is laughing so hard that it's even harder for her to type. Homonyms sure can be confizzling can't they? Thanks for the English lesson to clear it up. Sounds like clean buttons has everything under control - as usual.

  2. BOL oh you are funny. Hey we have piggy
    Benny & Lily

  3. Smiletastic !!! sheeeeees BACK!!!

  4. Buttons, you SNORT like a piggy, too, BOL!